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@wwwbigbaldhead Thank you, you made my weekend (couldn't send as message sorry!)
I am a dork and was star struck this weekend. I have never had such an amazing time at horrorhound weekend as I did yesterday
RT @axisofaudio: TwentyFourBit: Stream: Danger Mouse, Jack White, Daniele Luppi - “Two... #axisofaudio
ohhh @trebizord I need your sage wisdom. I miss your twittering ____ . For instance- what is this single taken thing. and your pics??
@craftydragon That's such a cool and wonderful site!!! I'll totally add a coupon come Friday. Thanks for sharing!
@StacieFrancombe likewise!!! I checked out your blog. It's very cute. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I won't be getting married lol
@StacieFrancombe eek- no the only sport I really follow is Rollerderby lol. I was a XU student though.
Ahhh and there's Twibs for businesses, Twitpic for videos even. oh my
@MaaarlaHooch For some reason I thought there were less A's
@MaaarlaHooch What happened to your name?
oh my, it's been a while. Today my thoughts have been on "lol" who banked off the term? It just became something we used easily
Cell phones can be used for many purposes. Primordial Waters Upcycled cell phone card
@MaaarlaHooch We don't talk about the Chicago experience... The birds probably still do
Gotta say, nothing is better than corned beef hash from a can and vodkaritas.
@RebelJewel Thanks for the post!
@RebelJewel Thank you for the post!
I like this girl. @MrsHopple She's a sweetie and always helps me out so please check out Mrs Hopple's Things on @Etsy
What a lady.... Mint Green Wrap Top by mrshopple on @Etsy
Who who who is this character? Hanging Owl Planter by mrshopple on @Etsy
Cute Cute Cute. Shoo the winter away with these Four Spring Flower Glasses by mrshopple on @Etsy

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About Crunktabulous

Crazy jewelry with personality, comic and horror-like paintings, little sculptures of wire that you wear. This is what we do
jewelry, painting, hanging decorations, marble characters, fun punky necklace pendants.

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