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RT @shalpryn: Christopher Worley, @CrossKnowledge faculty member, discusses agility & org dev for the adaptable organization;……
“Our continued partnership will stay just as amazing!" Thanks for the kind words, Kamie! :)…
Adrien Leduc is a Learning Consultant for CrossKnowledge in the UK. Take a look at his story!…
“My Learning is immersive, simple and easy to use.” Claudia Furtado, Digital Learning Solutions, L’Occitane.
Inspire people by sharing your own story with #MyCrossKnowledgeStory and we’ll share it with our network.
RT @lightling: What we gain by going #remotefirst! A guest blog for @CrossKnowledge
RT @shalpryn: Turn learning into performance with the SHIFT method! @CrossKnowledge @TrainingIndustr @SHRM
Thanks for sharing your #MyCrossKnowledgeStory, @mr_willfranco! :)
RT @shalpryn: @stevefiehl shares his thoughts on how to make L&D a core strategy. @CrossKnowledge @TrainingIndustr
RT @stephanatsou: NPS of minus 8 to corporate L&D offerings!? That calls for a relevancy check ;-)
RT @aelarif: the future of corporate #learning #elearning @crossknowledge #hris #talentmanagement #hr #sirh #rh
RT @shalpryn: Here's another interesting article from a member of the @CrossKnowledge faculty;
“The future of corporate learning will be self-driven”, @stevefiehl on@TrainingIndustr
How to maintain competitive by adapting to digital evolution? Don't miss our latest blog post by Rahaf Harfoush |…
RT @LGletDemery: To know more about Mohive, do not hesitate to read this great article @CrossKnowledge
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Each one of us has our own CrossKnowledge story to tell. Coming soon #MyCrossKnowledgeStory
Stories have the unique power to inspire people. Coming soon #MyCrossKnowledgeStory. Stay tuned!
We're proud to be included in the Top 20 Online Learning Library Companies chosen by @TrainingIndustr Find out more:
Yesterday CrossKnowledge celebrated #InnovationDay to exchange ideas with our clients that will reshape the future…

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