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My apologies to anyone responding to me on here. I almost NEVER check Twitter, and all my "posts" are automatic relays from FB.
Knew you could do it!!!!! Author, performer, PR man, CRE owner, all round hero. SG!!
@yourdog "Poppy the puppy" (Old shot).
Anyone help me out with "proper" use of Twitter for business?
European Parliament: Save the Freedom of Photography! #saveFoP @Europarl_EN via @ChangeGER
A couple more from Alcester street market
From Alcester street market.
@tomtolkien Nice.
Not very interesting.... A scattering of random images:
@charliebudd Thank you very much for the heads up. Only just seen it though.... Must be more vigilant!!!
Totally messed up my Twitter. Thought this one was deleted and started @cremetti I'm getting old.
A good idea I'm not going to be talking publicly on FB much anymore. Please email me/phone me/text me instead.
Fail this? Back to school. Absolute cr=p like all these kiddy quizzes.
Went to Wigan to see the pier. Someone had demolished it. YEARS AGO! How to be out of touch and still drive 200 miles. :-(
I'm back. Sorry I've been so low key, but first I was at Peter Gabriels studios, then with Cathy Sara (Downton...
Game of Thrones. Never seen it, know nothing about it. Clearly an accurate result!
Folks, Having been away a while, and rather busy for a couple of weeks, I now find that I'm i'll. Nothing...
I don't think I'm a complainer, nor do I usually expres my views on Face book, but today I'm making an exception...

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Product Photographer / Case-study and exhibition photographer. I illustrate anything I can. I see all I can, I value vision, honesty and friends.

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