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Designing data
New open data platform launches
Why has Data Visualization Become so Popular?
A Taxonomy of Data Visualization
Data: One Antidote to Risky Behavior
Want to make your own data visualizations? Check out this awesome set of tools
Why does Data Visualization Matter?
RT @CindyBHarder: The self-service delivery model to #BI is being adopted by many enterprises.
@CindyBHarder @CIPS @CByrum @ccammers @chronicdb @ciCONNECT @Carahsoft @carolinedj13 @ciodashboard @SrChasJC Thanks for the mention.
Newly launched – The Miso Project
If You're Not A BRAT, You Might Be The Wurst
@jhnvdk @johanvdbrink
Kleven er risico's aan concluderen? #ManagementInformatie #BI
@jhnvdk 8 euri per maand.
@jhnvdk Projectmanagement, urenregistratie, feedback verzamelen, extranet, etc...
I'm using the online work platform @Podio to work in a smarter way, try it for free -
What We’re Looking For In Great Interaction Designs
25 Exciting And Effective Infographic Designs

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