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Regenerative cultures are rooted in cooperation —by  @DrDCWahl - https://t.co/BByxdeTwTW
Last night's Unity Concert for Charlottesville https://t.co/7HJ8Iz7Mjl
Had such a great day facilitating a creativity & collaboration workshop for the new cohort in the Leland International Hunger Fellows Progrm
Heading out to facilitate a Creative Collaboration workshop for the Congressional Hunger Center. #lovetheirmission #lovemywork
“Facilitating systems innovation and culture change” by @DrDCWahl https://t.co/i6NnzUU3w8
The Difficult Art of Self-Compassion https://t.co/HDwydVgZfW via @brainpicker
RT @SimonHeath1: #thoughtleadership https://t.co/i4tpVMVDmM
https://t.co/0Ih9hy7vSM The Emergent Universe, Dolce Hayes Mansion in San Jose, CA, October 18 – 22.
Facilitation … an Art. The Danger of Confusing the Roles of Consultant, Moderator, Facilitator https://t.co/rTWl47fi9n
@cultureQs The reason I posted this article was only for the part about not sharing the agenda ahead of tme...not t… https://t.co/asq9z31qZR
@cultureQs I post thngs assuming ppl will think 4 themslves, as food for thought, not because I resonate w the whol… https://t.co/IdPl16aQRc
@cultureQs Yes. If I waited to post an artcle, or defintions, I fullly agreed w, I'd never post anything. I also do… https://t.co/AbfTQ4eD1p
Quick Guide to10 Popular Types of Facilitation https://t.co/3byf4gPCbH
RT @DavidHolzmer: Wow, important piece! ~> The Faster Your Brain Moves The More Time Off You Need by @johnrampton https://t.co/PGxSn8lfm3 h…
“When the effective leader is finished with his work, the people say it happened naturally.” - Lao-tzu
Facts Don't Change People's Minds. Here's What Does https://t.co/5gD8gKlPec via @heleoworld
Why Improvisation Is a Crucial Skill for Great Leadership and Innovation https://t.co/BIcUbontBP via @singularityhub

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