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RT @HandmadeNews: Etsy: DIY Ring Bearer Banner - Photo by Brittany Watson Jepsen of The House That Lars BuiltThe ring bearer provides .. ...
Housefly hand-embroidered wall art:
New today! Anatomical heart hand embroidery:
When will they make a line of boots designed for the powerfully-calved woman?
My shih tzus just alerted me to another escaped shih tzu resting in the yard. #signs you live in a bad neighborhood#
custom baby bingo using registry images
$15 (Pay $7) or $30 (Pay $15) of Fried Chicken via @LivingSocial
2012 marks the end of excuses. Declare your resolution for a Red Bull Sugarfree 4-Pack #vivalaresolution
When the job is mowing a 4-foot median with a tree, perhaps the best tool for the job isn't a 2-foot-wide riding mower. Driven backwards.
Pretty sure the ice cream sandwiches in the freezer are also thinking of me. Ever so fondly.
My $12 belt just fell apart! I'm beginning to suspect "leatherette" isn't quite the same as leather ...
found the last bikini in the U.S. that isn't constructed with metal that superheats under the unusual circumstances of being worn outside
SLACK ATTACK! *stares blankly at wall for five minutes*
I will SERIOUSLY consider buying what you tweet (NOT!) You just got served early-90s style!
ready to watch people shame-eat some cake! It's like feelings, but covered in butter-based frosting.
@averagebetty haha. I am wearing parachute pants!
Pre-rapture workday checklist: Reformat everything. Jam fax. Use "ballpark" and "vet" as verbs a final time. Prepare for zombie onslaught.
Trying to get the most out of this Hulu Plus free trial membership is really starting to affect my social life.

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