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Made for a friend #FlyTheW. Got a few in store for a LIMITED time only. #gocubsgo #cubswin https://t.co/xCmlVU4Yu9
A custom #winflag for a friend. I've got a few for sale for a SUPER limited time.… https://t.co/nh4D3t2QrI
Have I ever shown you guys this amazing mug @sdfntnphtgrphy gave me? #makersgonnamake #friday… https://t.co/sOjGoLpnyv
Custom order/prototype. You can guess what it is :) https://t.co/Gj8vufFQ5a
@Taylor_Parsons Will you message me back? Please?
Custom pillows in two sizes for our friends @sproutsocial #custompillow #greens #socialmedia… https://t.co/AvxRa0URd4
The last of my Holiday orders are going out today! Keep an eye out - we've a big announcement coming in the next few days!
Finishing up my holiday orders, they're all but done! Keep an eye out here, big announcement in the next few days!
@MeaghanTLS Yes to both Hootsuite and Evernote! Send me a note - justin@craftsquatch.com and I'll hook you up :)
I thought you guys would like a picture of the cutest flippin cat that ever existed. #catsquatch https://t.co/MvFxDdZtBa
@AdeldMeyer Glad you like them :D
Yes. Those are popsicles for our friends fancy 😃 who can guess how many there are? #custompillow… https://t.co/KlnlkuKJX5
Another complicated #custommade pillow that turned out really well. For our friends at Bassmat.… https://t.co/Sg5av2yoie
Years of fabric hoarding means that, when a project calls for 4 different shades of green - I… https://t.co/1w5SBjgvFp
Updating some pillows for http://t.co/7XwnxeGH6Z. What do you think? #google #googleplus #googlechrome https://t.co/POemJK2NL1
I'm really into these Google logo redesigns! What do you think?- https://t.co/WgQ27UIzWr
RT @Ginaschreck: Everyone loves these pillows by @Craftsquatch Ordered a couple more...They're like chips...you can't have just one. http:/…
@lessphiling Totally doable - send me a note, justin@craftsquatch.com :) Looking forward to it!
Custom pillow for our friends at http://t.co/IWz2Bq7X95. Check out their new app! https://t.co/Myf2BIcxVO
@AllanPeters I look forward to it! Congrats on the upcoming baby as well!

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