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@TheDelicious what is up on sf? I am looking for places to go
hello everybody!! twittering from the Mississipi river tonight!
@mypaintedthings Did you change your password?
@mypaintedthings Thanks! I changed everything, I think I got infected after looking at paper cakes profile this afternoon
they say not to open the profiles w/ the mikeyy worm, that's how you get infected, I did look @ paper cakes profile and after that I got it.
guys, do my profile has mikeyy all over the place? I change some stuff but don't know if still there, that mikeyy worm!
so how do you fix the mikeyy worm?
Vote for mi fabric @ spoonflower
My fabric in spoonflower!! Vote now!
check out this adorable blythe shop!
@dietingdelilah Your sushi recipe looks so yummi!
hello verybody, thanks for following me :)
@mchenwears got one too and it is awesome!
the loader thingy is gone???
does anyone know what that little loader thingy next to search is for?
hello, miss twitter, has been a couple days.
people snatched all the fabric I had on my shop! More coming soon
@quill0057 what's up !

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I am an enterpreneur, designer, artist and crafter.

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