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RT @emotionalaffair: Make sure that you don’t say it’s “OK” when it really isn’t. Resentments will build that will tear down trust.
RT @LandingRehab: News: DJ AM Memorial Fund Donates To Help Struggling Teen Addicts
RT @DrHeatherBrowne: Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or... ...
Wonders if vitamin B12 is enough to keep me awake after 3 days on the go and only about 8hrs of sleep??
Living Life and loving it! Are you?
am attempting to get back to blogging! Will I make it? "Mental Health & Karma"
@Miss_Honey90 - So I think HE'S actually super lucky to have me still - don't you agree? Either that or I'm just a very very stupid woman!
@Miss_Honey90 OH BTW - Your comment about "You're lucky to have him" (re. my Boyfriend) is the other way round, he tried 2 cheat 2X last yr!
@Miss_Honey90 You're so lovely. Thank you for the mention yesterday.. Hope you've having a super-fantabulous, lemon scented weekend.
is not 'feeling the lurve' while she writes her biography of Frederick "Fritz" Perls, the father of Gestalt Therapy Theory...
@Miss_Honey90 aww you're sweet
@Miss_Honey90 Hell yeah!! LOL, his reply?? "Cute comment" he he he
@Miss_Honey90 BTW I posted ur comment to my boyfriends facebook, his head might get big then hat won't fit! LOL
@Miss_Honey90 Great! 99%in one class, 95% in the other. 4.0GPA in my first semester, all good!
@Miss_Honey90 oh Ha Ha! Doing good! This was a bet but I think he looks delicious! ;)
@Miss_Honey90 If there is a mischief maker inside twitter, maybe it's you?? LOL
RT @EdDeCosta: I submit to you that if a man hasn't discovered something that he will die for, he isn't fit to live- Martin Luther King, Jr.
Actually - would love some anecdotes or opinions from practicing counselors who use #Gestalt Theory. Why do YOU use it? Talk to me! :)
Anyone an expert on Gestalt Theory or Fritz Perls? Am writing a bio on the man, and am looking for some 'depth' to leverage
@Miss_Honey90 Hope all is fabulous for you! Feel very neglectful. Work going well. Kids doing well. Twitter account is sick!! :|

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