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@4CornersPHL I'm really looking forward to it!
Still adding new stuff & still loving the 50s! via @Etsy
More home goods history- RT @AptTherapy :A look at the story behind the wildly popular brand - Quick History: IKEA
Aaah, the tumblr for @4CornersPHL is a mix of my favorite things- cultural and design history + eye candy! So good.
Crafting for awesomeness! Child's Own Studio :
Slowly but surely building up the vintage shop with mom! Art Deco for the vanity: via @Etsy
Slowly setting up shop with Mama CouchDesign... Look at these adorable stacking hedgehogs- my favorite! via @Etsy
Man, sometimes I'm not sure Craigslist is worth the hassle for a few measly bucks.
This new season of @ProjectRunway made me realize how many I've missed. Guess who's obsessively watching them now?
Oh lord. @NewsWorksWHYY: A slice of pizza heaven nears opening day in Philly via @sharethis
Tonight, potluck @sculpturegym from 5-8pm. I'll be there with bells on! You should be, too. #sculpture #food #awesome
Was just reminded of the greatest craft book to come out the 70s (possibly EVER): "Pop Topping!" by Pop Top Terp
@citypaper I've been meaning to visit the mourning museum for years but holy mol(ar)y, I'd never be able to handle the dental one!
@DesignPhilly So cute. The International Turning Exchange open studio last weekend was really cool, too.
@AptTherapy Yes, on #1... I'm so pro-daily bed making that it's almost ridiculous. Too bad my partner isn't!
@NiceLeighDone I'm feeling this so hard. Like, everyday though!
@StylelistHome Haha, I'm (*teensy, quiet voice*) super into the bizarre mannequin and 'exercise' machine. I love weirdo stuff.
@CasaSugar @sea_of_shoes Vertical stacking and hidden storage will always be my go-tos!
!!! Interrupting my usual fare to report today's Bikini Kill awesomeness: (via @pitchforkmedia)

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