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Learn why yogis 'Om' in class.
@RiseTrainer That's great, see you in the studio soon! :)
We're getting ready to film another Ask A Yogi video! What yoga questions do you have for us? #AskAYogi
Learn which CPY class fits your own personal style best.
Use these tips to guarantee a safe, happy and healthy practice for your lower back.
What pose has challenged you the most this week?
Watch this video to learn more about Standing Splits!
Learn about the benefits of our Hot Power Fusion class:
The Chakras: What they are and why they're important
Chaturanga can build great strength in the body. Check out this video for some helpful tips and modifications!
Read on to find out if you're ready to try a Yoga Sculpt class!
Check out the blog for a peek at Yoga Sculpt National Lead Jen R.'s class playlist!
Watch this video to learn how to ensure a safe practice for your wrists.
Has it been a while since you've taken a C1? It's great to return to basics, focus on alignment and enjoy an insightful + challenging class!
Live beautifully and dream passionately.
@CarolineKBrooks Jay Burckhardt is our Gold Coast studio manager. Her email address is
Five poses for opening your shoulders:
Article: How to Stay Hydrated - Yogi Edition
The weekend is almost here, yogis! Are any of you planning on taking any yoga classes this weekend?
Hey there, yogis! Yoga Online is back up and running. Thanks for your patience!

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