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@ShannonWong_SF Glad you're enjoying classes at the new studio. Hope to see you on your mat again soon!
Discover the beauty benefits of practicing inversion postures! via @dailymakeover + @alywalansky
Mark your calendars - we have dates for next summer’s Yoga on the Rocks series!
@kreastham They're classes led by expert instructors to give an overview of our Teacher Training program. Would love for you to join us!
@Simoni_Lawrence Hot Power Fusion would be good to try!
Learn where our instructors find their musical inspiration!
What's your mala bead style? Beautifully subtle or brilliant and bright?
@JuliaLikesWine Understandable. We'll give you a pass. ;)
@honeynsilk Glad you enjoyed class, hope to see you in the studio again soon!
We've got some #OmWork for you this weekend! Let's see you try your most challenging posture.
Surfing followed by beachside yoga sounds like paradise! Enter to win a trip to Wanderlust Festival Oahu!
@CraigerReese Which email address are you sending to? Perhaps we can help connect you with the appropriate person!
Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. TT begins soon.
@wbiber Atlanta's one of our favorite cities! Hoping to have something exciting to announce soon. ;)
We're looking for an Email and Web Content Coordinator to join our team in Denver!
@danielleterrasi Awesome, hope to take class with you again!
@LynnMyWin We'll set you up with a mat and a towel on your first visit. Can't wait to take a class with you!
8 Tips for Getting Into Handstand.
Supta Baddha Whatta?! Learn more about Sanskrit, the traditional language of yoga!

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