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@sncueto How did your first class go? :)
Video: Learn the best way to align Cobra pose
Learn about the benefits of our Hot Power Fusion class:
RT if you're making it to your mat today! #ReadyToSweat
Demystifying Yoga: The Importance of Core Strength
Here are eight things that you can do to keep yourself motivated to make it to class!
8 Foods to Build a Strong Immune System
Share our lighthearted list with a friend that's contemplating trying yoga!
Now is a great time to practice yoga!
Discover which Ayurvedic "type" you are and get personalized stress management advice!
8 Foods to Build a Strong Immune System
Check out the blog for a peek at Yoga Sculpt National Lead Jen R.'s playlist!
RT @Yoga_Journal: Thx @CorePowerYoga for #IceBucketChallenge! YJ picks #BaronBaptiste @KathrynBudig & @Amy_Ippoliti. You have 24 hours! htt…
@raincitylovr No plans for a Boise studio quite yet, but we'll pass on your suggestion and keep our fingers crossed for you! :)
Working to nail Head Stand? Watch our quick video for expert tips!
Supta Baddha Whatta?! Learn more about Sanskrit, the traditional language of yoga!
Article: How to Stay Hydrated - Yogi Edition
8 Foods to Build a Strong Immune System
Learn where our instructors find their musical inspiration!
Yoga Poses for Morning and Evening

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