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@sarahhinde You're still able to! Click this link (, select your studio, then click the "Spa Appointments" tab.
Our hearts are with the people of Paris.
Wherever you are, be all there. #presence
Get an extra 20 minutes of sleep and make pre-make your breakfast tonight!
@PoutyScouty We've missed you! ❤️
@jennawilley28 Brea is scheduled to open next week! The studio page on our site will have the most up to date info:
@Bevincosmos The <3 is mutual! Mobile schedules seem to be working now. Thanks for your patience as we work through a few new site kinks!
@hipstress Look out for the exciting things we've got planned for our loyal members this upcoming year!
@FitcityBlonde Thank you! <3
Challenge yourself. Go for that posture you usually avoid!
@alisonny12 We sometimes have to limit the number of classes that we're able to open up to ClassPass users during peak class times.
@hipstress We're sorry, this promotion is only available to new members.
@Hasumachi No firm date yet, but we're aiming for the end of the year!
@thekatiestevens Get it, girl! 💪🏼
@ChadWGannon We hit a construction delay, but we're aiming to open early next week!
@therealamyp Let us know how class goes!
@Evyfindstheway We're aware of the hiccup and working hard to fix it. For now, you can view schedules on our app or by calling 866-441-9642.
@hannahhaleyc We'll pass on your suggestion and keep our fingers crossed for you!
Find new depth in the postures that have become second nature to you.
@DianaElbasha Looking forward to meeting you on your mat! :)

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