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@BjornSennbrink Ha!
@AlwaysWellWithn You can read the podcasts! Visit them on Rainmaker.FM, pick an episode, scroll down to find transcript.
@Beymour Yep. Scary, huh? ;-)
@TiceWrites Shocking, right? But it had to happen.
Now that we have a podcast network, we don’t need a blog!
@KtPrice Woo-hoo! Those were no joke :-)
@ScrewpileComm Thanks for the shout out!
Do You Make These 7 Mistakes When You Write?
[The Lede] How Curating Knowledge Leads to the Wisdom That Earns You an Audience:
@tammylenski Thanks, Tammy!
@samarowais I know, right? It was about time! ;-)
The 3 Pillars of Great Web Writing
Here’s How Pat Flynn Grew an Audience of Raving Fans
@MarketerGizmo Who needs a blog when you have Rainmaker.FM? Reading is way overrated.
Images: How to Find and Choose High-Impact Photos
“If you’re not measuring, you’re not marketing." by @iPullRank
Who needs a dusty old blog, anyway? Why Copyblogger Is Killing Its Blog
@CL_Constable @WarrenHorak No worries!
@AlWeave1 We’re doing a little victory dance over here. Thanks for letting us know!
@ffrate Can’t imagine doing that. You can’t deliver an infographic or a PDF download via earbuds (watch for tomorrow’s post).

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