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Tip 109: Every day do something that touches your soul: garden, enjoy nature, meditate, etc. https://t.co/Zk7BTk4gnn
Tip 111: Avoid the news. Most of it is bad and you can’t make it better, which creates more stress. https://t.co/kALkyxo05Q
Tip 179: Take a few moments to breathe slowly and deeply two or three times. Close your eyes, too. https://t.co/Zk7BTk4gnn
Tip 194: Random acts of kindness are NOT overrated. Try doing one; it will be very rewarding. https://t.co/kALkyxo05Q
Tip 24: Do something for someone else. Help yourself feel better by helping them feel better. https://t.co/Zk7BTk4gnn
Tip 141: Get lost in a good book. https://t.co/kALkyxo05Q
Tip 158: Stressed by time 'wasted' on long drives or commutes? Play audio books or educational CDs. https://t.co/Zk7BTk4gnn
Tip 100: When getting bad news, allow yourself some to absorb it; move on when you're ready. https://t.co/kALkyxo05Q
Tip 144: Taking things personally is a choice. Choose not to. https://t.co/Zk7BTk4gnn
Tip 86: Life is what you decide it will be. Choose to expect the positive. https://t.co/kALkyxo05Q
Tip 94: Force a smile even if you don't feel like it. The forced smile will soon become real. https://t.co/Zk7BTk4gnn
Tip 60: Forgive those who need it; it's very freeing. Do it for your peace of mind, not theirs. https://t.co/kALkyxo05Q
Tip 89: Plan 'buffer time' between activities to reduce stress if one takes longer than expected. https://t.co/Zk7BTk4gnn
Tip 59: Surprise someone you care about with a small gift, card, or call. You’ll both love it. https://t.co/kALkyxo05Q
Tip 125: Spend some time at a zoo: animals can be very entertaining and make a good distraction. https://t.co/Zk7BTk4gnn
Tip 93: Learn a new hobby that is enjoyable and challenging; it can be wonderfully distracting. https://t.co/kALkyxo05Q
Tip 67: Take care of yourself FIRST in times of stress. If YOU crash, you can't help anyone else. https://t.co/Zk7BTk4gnn
Tip 107: Thoughts control feelings, feelings control mood. Change your thoughts to change your mood https://t.co/kALkyxo05Q
Tip 26: Surround yourself with positive people. https://t.co/Zk7BTk4gnn
Tip 132: Give yourself time to feel better. Coping is a process, not an event. https://t.co/kALkyxo05Q

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Coping expert, caregiver for my wife thru 4 bouts of breast cancer, eclipse chaser, animal lover (except my wife's really mean parrot), & recovering programmer.

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