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@jobsnc2013 Is crowdfunding illegal in North Carolina?#jobsnc
It was a bread puddin' kinda evening!
It was a bread pudding kinda day!
So you want to start a home-based bakery business?
6 Superfoods You're Not Eating | Healthy Living - Yahoo! Shine
The Easiest, Cheapest Way to Stay Healthy | Yahoo! Health
I just reviewed: 'Chef Paul Prudhomme's Louisiana Kitchen' by Paul Prudhomme via @amazon
Friday is Gumbo day! When was the last time you made a delicious pot of Louisiana Gumbo? #Gumbo
Greetings from Cooking with Denay
Greetings from Cooking with Denay #cookingwithdenay
Is it time for collards in your neck of the woods? #cookingwithdenay
Am I the only person who just doesn’t get Bitchin’ Kitchen? #nadiag
@GOOD Well, first let's just teach them the basics, reading & math, we haven't done a great job at that yet! #learnwhatulive
So you hate working as a waiter? Quit! ... Because good customer service is a major part of the job. #eatout
It's the 4th of July...Happy 4th all...anyone making Korean Barbecue? #KoreanBarbecue
For all those in the US...Happy 4th! Have a peaceful and safe 4th of July all! #4thofJuly
"Rene Redzepi factor is taking UK by storm...taking a more natural approach to food." Your thoughts? #ReneRedzepi
@sultryliltartes Thanks loads, if you have any questions don't hesitate to email or call me. #homebasedbaking
Congrats to all the home food processors in South Carolina! Gov. Haley signed the Cottage Food Bill, it's official! #homebasedbaking
High tech chefs get training here at home ...distance learning for chefs? What do you think? #distancelearning

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