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Hot Pepper day at the Charlotte Reg. Farmers Market, Aug. 26th. Honey Hot Pepper Glaze for fried chicken.#hotpepper…
Here's a look at my 100 year old cast iron Gumbo pot. It will out live us all.…
RT @Breznican: A lot of people are sharing this quote after the heartbreak in Manchester. It's also the 50th anniversary of Mr. Roger's Nei…
@steveGOgreen What does cinnamon water do?
RT @steveGOgreen: Q1 #Foodiechats Our morning routine is kicked off with Apple Cider Vinegar, Cinnamon Water. What's your morning fuel rout…
@CookingwDenay How do you define good food? #delicious #Food
@cookingwithdenay Eggless breakfast scramble, shrimp & cranberry cheddar. Tiny dollop of Elijah's Xtreme Ghost Pep…
One dish dinner. Just need a glass of wine. #1-dishdinner
@CookingwDenay Is there anything better than Brandied Cherry Pie? #pies #cherries#CLT
@bonappetit Looks great but how many calories is this dressing? #weightwatchers
@CookingwDenay Help? What is the secret to authentic Pork Carnitas? #carnitas #MexicanFood
@CookingwDenay Looking for the perfect breakfast omelet? It's crawfish time. Check it out!
@CookingwDenay Chilly split pea kinda soup day. #soup #simmer
@CookingwDenay Finally finished baking a Brandied Sweet and Tart Cherry Pie. Time to call it a night. #pies #PiDay
@CookingwDenay Slow roasting pork for Carnitas, Dinners at 7 pm ET. #dinner #Mexicanpork
@CookingwDenay Gumbo Time! #gumbo #fattuesday
@ihainspiredhome @ChefBillyParisi @Calphalon @WorldKitchenLLC @GoodCookcom @KitchenAidUSA @Victorinox looks amazing! #delicious
@CookingwDenay Truly a red bean and rice kinda Monday. #missingNola #redbeans #CLT
@CookingwDenay Are you following me on Flickr? Check out my food photos! #Foodie

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Cooking with Denay is for the novice cook or anyone who wants to take their knowledge of cooking and baking to the next level; and do it with fun and finesse.

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