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@koshlop @Shevb81 Not quite as rich as scones, and doughier/more malleable.
Biscuits: sift c flr/1½t bkgpdr/¼t salt/⅛t soda. Cut+2T buttr; mix+⅓c srcrm, 2T milk. Knead gently. Roll,cut6. 12m@450F.
@Iona_adsila One teaspoon vanilla.
[Feather light & berry fresh, this pie's a snap from instant custard powder, sold in Canada/UK or Brit shops in USA.]
Raspberry Cream Pie: Mix6yolk/½c sug&starch/t vanil. Slowly+3c scaldedmilk,simmr thick; cool. Lyr bakedcrust+berries,custard,berries. Chill.
[This pastry recipe yields 2 crusts (2 open top/1 double crust) & freezes well. Roll thick & fork prick to prebake~12m@400F. <3 @rhodacook!]
Never Fail Pie Crust: cut to peasized crmbs c lard&buttr/5c flr/t salt&soda. Mix egg/T vinegr/¾c iceh2o; +to flr mix; wrap,chill. Yld2crust.
@LucasAtende Brown sugar! Sorry I missed your question.
Graham Cracker Crust: Per9"crust foodprocess c grahamcracker/2T sug/¼t cinn/6T mltdbuttr. Spread,pat firmly in pieplate. Brwn16m@325F. Cool.
Icebox Strawberry Pie: mix2t gelatin/4T hot h2o; puree+1½ applesauce/½c berry/3T maple/¼t cinn. Fill grahamcrust; top+3c whlberry. Chill>2h.
[Been off travelling again, but I'm back to share spring recipes from my heart's homeland of good baking, Alberta, Canada. Keep hungry! <3 ]
Ginger Orange Salmon: grate2"ging/orangezest ovr 4fillet; +½c oj/s+p. Preheat pan@400F; +3T vegoil/fillets skinup~6m. Brush+buttr/panjuices.
[Spooned on spaghetti, chopped shoulder cuts are classic in this ragù, but ground is tasty, too. Passata is raw peeled/seeded tomato puree.]
Ragù all'Abruzzese: slowly sauté onion/4T olvoil&pancetta. Brwn+½t salt/½lb e lamb&beef; +½c rdwine. Reduce; +5c tompassata. Cvr~h@low; s+p.
Paprikash: s+p,brwn 8pce chickn; rmv. Sauté2onion/4T buttr; +2T paprka. Deglaze+c stock; +chickn; cvr,simmr30m. Plate; whisk sauce+⅓c srcrm.
Roast Chicken: dry~4lb chickn. Rub+lem; +3T buttr; +T paprka&lempep. Stuff+rubdlem/parsly. Breast up on rootveg or rack~h@425F(breast>165F).
Pancakes: Melt3T buttr&brsug/c milk/3yolk. Whip3white. Sift2c flr/T bkgpdr/½t salt&soda&cinn. Fold all; +to grsdpan@med. Flip when bubbling.
Ramen Noodles: 2t soda h@250F; +½c h2o. Slowly+to 2c 00flr in mixer+h2o if nec to knead8m. Wrap>h. Roll5sheet,cut⅛"; flr well. Boil3m,rinse.
@VioletL_Phoenix Yes! <3ing the last of my BIG batch of hand mixed gingerbread (natch I received a mixer for xmas) but I<3 salmon even more.
@VioletL_Phoenix On further thought, for easiest hand mixing, cream butter, milk, molasses & sugar 1st, then gradually add dry ingredients.

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