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Chimichurri: foodproc 10garlc/c parsly&oregano/2t rdpep; gradually pulse+¼c rdwinevinegr,½c olvoil,mixd T salt/c h2o. Refrigerate. Yld 2c.
Biftek à la Parrilla: Argentina. Cvr4steak/½c olvoil~h. Rmv,rub+T coarsesalt. Sear@high; +2m@med for rare, 3m med, 4m well-done. Turn,rpt.
Gazpacho: Blend chipotle&tom&grn pep&cuke&shallot&garlc; +3c tomjuice/3T sherry&lem&cilantro/lime&zest/½t hot paprka/s+p. Chill. Srv+olvoil.
Garden Chowder: Sauté onion/½t sug&chili/2T olvoil; +3T basil&tompaste/2T garlc&sage/c corn/3c any veg. Simmr+6c stock~15m; +2c kale/s+p~5m.
[Kale Chip tips: keep leaves large. The seasoning should resemble hummus; if it won't purée, add a little h2o.]
Kale Chips: soak½c cashew>h; purée+3T nutriyeast/2garlc/T tarragon&dijon/t hotsauce/¼t cayenne. Toss+stemdkale; 3h@170F on racks until dry.
[If blueberries aren't yet bursting 45 min in, pat hard with a spatula & return to the oven –their jammy surface sets the fresh berry top.]
Blueberry Tart: Cut c flr/8T buttr/T sug/¼t salt; +T vinegr. Pat in pieplate; +3c berry/⅓c sug/2T flr/⅛t clove&cinn. h@375,top hot+2c berry.
[Berber Chicken falls off the bone begging for rice. If tomatoes aren't summer-sweet add 1t molasses. No slowcookr? Cvr2h@300F,+lentils20m.]
Berbere: tst whl 2t cumin/4clove&allspice/t cardamom&fenugreek&pep&coriandr/9piripep(or t cayenne); grnd+3T paprka/½t ging/¼t turmeric&cinn.
Berber Chicken: rub4thigh+2T buttr&Berbere; in slowcookr+T garlc&ging/c wine&shroom&carrot/3c tom. 5h@low; rmvchickn,+c cookdlentil20m@high.
Marinate vegetables, tofu, poultry and meat in the refrigerator for up to 8 hours, but most fish is best marinated for less than an hour.
Herb Marinade: purée c wtwine/2T lem&oil&mint&parsly&thyme/T brsug&salt/garlc/t pep. Yld1½c(rsrv¼ to brush near end of cooking)for~2lb food.
Melon Gazpacho: Puree 3c melon/c peeldcuke&ripetom&oj/½c rdonion/¼c ricevinegr&cilantro&chive&olvoil/T worces/cayenne&s+p to taste. Chill.
Meatballs: Mix½lb grndmeat/egg/⅓c parm&brdcrumb/T garlc&basil&parlsy&oil/t dijon/s+p. Form balls<2". Simmr>30m in desired sauce or soup.
To test that jam has set, dollop some onto a chilled plate and run your finger through it. If the trail doesn’t close up, it’s ready.
Balsamic Black Pepper Strawberry Jam: Boil4c berry/can frozenapplejuice/⅓c balsamic&lem/2t pep/¼t salt; +pkg pectin. Fill8 8oz jars,boil15m.
Strawberry Mint & Pepper Jam: Crush5c strawberry. Boil+¼t pep/¼c lem&mint/can frozen juice; +mixd c sug/pkg pectin. Fill4 8oz jars; boil15m.
Nettle Soup: Sauté2T buttr/2shallot&garlc; +4c stock&nettletops. Cvr,simmr10m; puree+¼c yogurt/nutmeg&s+p to taste.
Hot Kale & Mushrooms: Brwn T garlc&gingr/t s&p&rdpep&sesoil/2T oil; +3c shroom~8m. Cvr15m@low+stemdbnchkale/3T h2o&soya&lem. Srv+pasta/rice.

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