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Turtles: scales well, necessarily! On parchment top 8sm saltd pretzel+8rolo(or similar); 3m@300F. Top hot+8pecan; press. Cool before moving.
Snowballs: mix c buttr/½c pdrsug/t vanil/2T rosewater(opt); +2c flr/c almondflr/¼t salt. Scoop~49t to parchment. 12-15m@400F; dust2x+pdrsug.
Lime Macaroons: Stir12m@low2eggwt/½c sug/1¼c cocont/2T flr; +½t salt/t vanil/2 limezest(or other citrus). Scoop30t to parchment. ~10m@300F.
Dublin Coddle: Ireland. Brwn lb bacon&sausage; +onion&tater&carrot/3garlc/bnch mixdherbs/2c good drycider&stock/s+p. Cvr~3h@low; top+parsly.
Zesty Rosemary Oven Fries: Cut 6russet ½". Cvr+boiling h2o 9m. Dry well; toss+4T oil/zest of 2lem&lime/T freshrosemry. Turn2x~17m@450F; s+p.
@The_Tweatery Feel free! I'd love to see your recipes!
Whisky Sauce: for French toast & anything else imaginable. Whisk3Tmltdbuttr&maple/egg. Stir constantly@med-low to boil; beat+T whisky. Cool.
Overnight French Toast: Mix2egg/½c milk&crm/t vanil&cinn&zest; cvr~4c stalebrioche in grsdbkgpan. Chill>4h; top+T sug&flr&mltdbuttr. h@325F.
@PublicLibrarySG I'm 641.5 EVA-[COO]ing *and* swooning for you!
[Out of turkey & you can, too! White Chili's tops with tortillas. Or try Pot Pie with mashed potato & butter crust:]
Chili Powder: mix,grnd 3T medhot paprka/T oreg/2t garlcpdr/t cayenne&cumin&onionpdr&s+p.
White Chili: brwn onion&jalapeno&bellpep/T oil; +T chilipdr; ½mash+can wtbean. Simmr20m+3c stock&cookdturkey/s+p. Srv+lime&cilantro&scalion.
Court Bouillon: for veg, fish & delicate poaching. Simmr30m c wtwine/5c h2o/3T vinegr/2onion&carrot&celery&bay/t pep&zest. Strain. #NPRcooks
[Unsalted stock is perfectably seasonable for stuffing, dressing & gravy. Make a day ahead or while the bird roasts. Yields 4c]. #NPRcooks
Turkey Stock: Rsv liver; rinsegiblet&neck. Simmr70m+8c h2o/carrot&celery&onion&bay/t pep&zest; +liver20m,rmv for stuffing. Strain. #NPRcooks
Turkey Brine: boil 8c h2o/c sug/lb salt/5halvdlem&garlc/mixdherbs/4T whlpep; chill; +8lb ice/~30c h2o to cvr thawedbird. Chill10h. #NPRcooks
Oven Fries: Peel lb russet &or sweettater; cut¼". Cvr+h2o>h. Dry; shake+2T oil; shake+2T cornstrch. Spread on grsdpan 30m@450F(flip2x). s+p.
@KitSchwinn I <3 these, and am pretty excited to try your smoked chai version.
[Pot Pie's so highly personal: season with what you love & a favourite casserole crust. I love cayenne & a thick butter-and-breadcrumb top.]
Puff Pastry Dough: Dice½c frozenbuttr; +1½c flr/½t salt/t lem; +iced h2o to gather. Roll thin,fold in thirds; rpt3x. Wrap,chill h. #NPRcooks

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