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Nettle Soup: Sauté2T buttr/2shallot&garlc; +4c stock&nettletops. Cvr,simmr10m; puree+¼c yogurt/nutmeg&s+p to taste.
Hot Kale & Mushrooms: Brwn T garlc&gingr/t s&p&rdpep&sesoil/2T oil; +3c shroom~8m. Cvr15m@low+stemdbnchkale/3T h2o&soya&lem. Srv+pasta/rice.
Coconut French Toast: mix3egg/2c milk/3T flr&sug/t cocontextract/¼t salt. Soak8pce bread; coat+grtdcoconut. Brwn+2T oil@med. Srv+lime&maple.
[Berbere is an enlivening spice mix for North African stews. I used puys, but to use red lentils, skip pre-cooking and add with 3c water.]
Berber Lentils: Simmr6c h2o/2c lentil/2t salt 20m; rsv+½c broth. Brwn2onion/8garlc/4T oil; +3T berbere&tompaste. Simmr25m+2c tom/lentil.
Berbere: tst whl 2t cumin/4clove&allspice/t cardamom&fenugreek&pep&coriandr/9piripep(or t cayenne); grnd+3T paprka/½t ging/¼t turmeric&cinn.
Chocolate Cake: Beat¼c sug/2egg. Sift⅓c flr&cocoa/½t bkgpdr&soda/⅛t cardamom&cinn&salt. Mlt6oz choc/¼c cocontoil&coffee. Fold all. 40m@350F.
Fried Eggs: Heat hvypan 5m@low; +T buttr,heat until foam subsides. Quickly+1-4shelledegg/s+p. Cvr3m for soft yolk(-/+30s for runny/firm).
Savory Oatmeal: Boil4c h2o/t salt; +2c rolledoat. Cvr5m@low; +t sesoil/2t ricevinegr/T soya/2scalion. Top+scalion&friedegg&smokdsalmon(opt).
[Hey! Resolved to cook more healthy food? Today's salad is from my editor @KeepersCooks' new book, "Keepers", go-to dishes after my own <3.]
.@KeepersCooks' Pomegranate Pumpkin Seed Kale: stem,chop¾lb kale; knead+T olvoil/¼t salt to dark,soft. Toss+¼c pumpknseed/½pom; +½T balsamc.
[To seed a pomegranate, @KeepersCooks says to cut crosswise, hold cut down and firmly knock atop: with light squeezing, the seeds drop out.]
[Fight winter storms with this sweet, warming roast. Baste with stock if the pan dries. Rare when 125F, med 140F, well-done 150F at center.]
Prune Beef: Boil,mash c prune&wine. Beat2lb flank8x10; top+prune/¼c parsly&grainmustrd/T garlc&ging/cinn&s+p. Roll,tie,brwn+T buttr; h@325F.
Scotch Carrot Soup: roast~30m@400F 2lb carrot/onion/2T sage&ging&oil/cayenne&s+p. Simmer5m+4c stock; purée,heat+2c milk/3T crmcheese&whisky.
@MavenTattler There are four eggs in my recipe. Please amend, dear @Mixologist!
Eggnog: Shake hard 1¼c brandy(or rum)/2c milk/4btnegg/⅓c crm&simplesyrup/½t fresh nutmeg&bitters. Srv4; dust+nutmeg&cinn. Cheers&joy to all!
Citrus Macaroons: Stir12m@low2eggwt/½c sug/1¼c cocont/2T flr; +½t salt/t vanil/T zest(lime,grapefruit or lem). Scoop30t to bkgpan. 10m@300F.
Queso Fundido: Mexico. In oven-safe skillet brwn½lb shroom&rdonion/T oil; +2mincdchipotle/2c mozz or quesillo. 7m@350F. Srv w tortillas.
Fillets Meunière: Put Skillet Fish Fillets in warmdish. In hot pan+2T buttr to foaming; whisk+lem/¼c parsly/T caper/s+p. Srv atop fish+lem.

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