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Ginger Orange Salmon: grate2"ging/orangezest ovr 4fillet; +½c oj/s+p. Preheat pan@400F; +3T vegoil/fillets skinup~6m. Brush+buttr/panjuices.
[Spooned on spaghetti, chopped shoulder cuts are classic in this ragù, but ground is tasty, too. Passata is raw peeled/seeded tomato puree.]
Ragù all'Abruzzese: slowly sauté onion/4T olvoil&pancetta. Brwn+½t salt/½lb e lamb&beef; +½c rdwine. Reduce; +5c tompassata. Cvr~h@low; s+p.
Paprikash: s+p,brwn 8pce chickn; rmv. Sauté2onion/4T buttr; +2T paprka. Deglaze+c stock; +chickn; cvr,simmr30m. Plate; whisk sauce+⅓c srcrm.
Roast Chicken: dry~4lb chickn. Rub+lem; +3T buttr; +T paprka&lempep. Stuff+rubdlem/parsly. Breast up on rootveg or rack~h@425F(breast>165F).
Pancakes: Melt3T buttr&brsug/c milk/3yolk. Whip3white. Sift2c flr/T bkgpdr/½t salt&soda&cinn. Fold all; +to grsdpan@med. Flip when bubbling.
Ramen Noodles: 2t soda h@250F; +½c h2o. Slowly+to 2c 00flr in mixer+h2o if nec to knead8m. Wrap>h. Roll5sheet,cut⅛"; flr well. Boil3m,rinse.
@VioletL_Phoenix Yes! <3ing the last of my BIG batch of hand mixed gingerbread (natch I received a mixer for xmas) but I<3 salmon even more.
@VioletL_Phoenix On further thought, for easiest hand mixing, cream butter, milk, molasses & sugar 1st, then gradually add dry ingredients.
Spaghetti with Capers & Greens: brwn 3garlc/8anchovyfilet/⅓c olvoil; discard garlc. Toss@low+4T caper/lb hotspag/3c babyspinach/s+p totaste.
@VioletL_Phoenix Yes. Tad more if needed but gingerbread is best (airy-chewy) with min milk, & carefully creamed butter. Takes time by hand!
@VioletL_Phoenix Yes! I made my Gingerbread without a food processor, and you can just scoop & squash dough (as for peanut butter cookies).
@kristinmhuben Why, thanks — happy new year to you!
@kristinmhuben Sour ^_^
Meatballs: mix lb beef/½c grndsaltine/egg/2T ketchup&srcrm&sage&parsly/T dijon&rosemry/t garlcpdr&onionpdr&s+p. Oil hands,form20; ~18m@375F.
[Gingerbread has versatile feist: use dark or light molasses, more or less spice. Dough can be chill several days & yields two full trays.]
Gingerbread: Foodproc1½c flr/⅓c brsug/T cinn&ging/½t soda/¼t clove&salt/6T buttr; slowly+⅓c molasses/T milk. Chill>2h. Roll¼",cut. 14m@350F.
Turtles: scales well, necessarily! On parchment top 8sm saltd pretzel+8rolo(or similar); 3m@300F. Top hot+8pecan; press. Cool before moving.
Snowballs: mix c buttr/½c pdrsug/t vanil/2T rosewater(opt); +2c flr/c almondflr/¼t salt. Scoop~49t to parchment. 12-15m@400F; dust2x+pdrsug.
Lime Macaroons: Stir12m@low2eggwt/½c sug/1¼c cocont/2T flr; +½t salt/t vanil/2 limezest(or other citrus). Scoop30t to parchment. ~10m@300F.

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