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Tartare de Fraises: Finelydice lb strawberry/ylwbellpep/½c peashoot/¼c basil; +2T olvoil&verbena(opt)/sesoil&tabasco&s+p totaste. Srv+toast.
Mushy Peas: soak2c marrowfatpea(or greensplit)/t bkgsoda/6c h2o in fridge>6h. Drain; +h2o to cvr by½". Boil; cvr30m@low; +buttr/s+p totaste.
Sourdough Ciabatta: Knead4c flr/4oz starter/1¾c h2o; +¼c oil/t salt. Rise4h. Form2ball in hvyflrd basket,rise h. Flip to hot stone 25m@450F.
[Satisfying crust & crumb! Making ciabatta again, but with a friend's wild sourdough today. Thanks @drepetto for ma…
Ciabatta: Mix4c hardflr/T yeast/2c h2o/¼c oil/t salt; knead8m. Rise in oildbowl h. On hvyflr gently form2ball,turn onto hot stone. 25m@450F.
Oat Bread: Mix1½c cookdoat/¼c h2o/T sug&oil; +2c flr/T yeast/t salt. Knead10m. Oil,cvr,rise h. Formpanloaf,rise h.…
Light Rye: mix2c flr/c h2o&ryeflr/¼c crm/2T molas/2t yeast&brsug&caraway/t salt; cvr9m. Knead10m; cvr,rise1½h. Form…
Paprikash: s+p2lb pork tempeh or chickn. Brwn+3T oil,rmv; +lb onion&shroom; +T paprka&flr; +c tom&stock/pork. Cvr,simmr20m. Srv+pasta&srcrm.
[Morning balm after Robby Burns night: scones & honey. Heavenly thanks to @ClayRivers for years sharing recipes back & forth to perfection!]
Scones: Mix2c pastryflr/½t salt/1½T bkgpdr; +8T coarslygrtd buttr. Fold+1-1½c crm to just gather. Form9"disk on bkgpan; cut8wedge. 20m@400F.
Fresh Noodles: 恭喜發財! Knead2c flr/egg/t salt/½c h2o. Quarter,roll 12"x4"; cut 4"x½" lumps. Cvr30m. Pinch,shake,stretch long. Boil6m. Yld~lb.
@localcolorHI Thanks!
[Plum Pork is a generous midwinter pick-me-up. Seek smoky sweet paprika. Pot roast or sous vide, my secret's the sa…
Plum Pork Sous Vide: rub2lb butt/s+p&paprka. Bag+4garlc&rosemry&plum/c prune&wine. Sousvide36h@140F. Sear pork; reduce jus,+lem/s+p totaste.
Plum Pork Roast: s+p,sear2lb butt/oil; +T garlc&paprka/c prune&wine/4plum&rosemry. Cvr,simmr40m. Rmv plum&pork; reduce jus,+lem/s+p totaste.
@localcolorHI Sounds good. What else do you spike with? Been brewing one lapsang kombucha for a few years and want to try new earthy herbs.
[Dangerously delicious, my dears. Watch they don't caramelize too-too much.]
Apple Butter RIbs: mix¼c brsug&anyspicerub; rub2racks babybackribs. 2½h@250F. Mix½c applejuice&butter/¼c maple. Baste ribs; cvr+foil h@250F.
Sweet Smoky Spicy Rub: Warming magic. Mix½c light brsug/2T garlcsalt&chilipdr&s+p/T mustardpdr/t cayenne&cinn&ging&celerysalt&wtpep. Yld~1c.

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