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Cranberry Sauce: Simmr c h2o/cinnstick/3whlclove/cardamompod/strip lem&orange zest/2c cranberry to burst; +~½c sug(to taste). Yld c.
Apple Sauce, Zen: peel,core,chop 5-6lb apple; +1⁄2c h2o. Cvr,simmr,stir occas~10m. Mash smooth totaste. Yld4c.
Apple Sauce, Quick & Equipped: bring5-6lb whlapple/½c h2o to high in presurecookr; maintain 5m@med-low, quick release. Foodmill@fine. Yld4c.
Apple Butter: Simmr4c applesauce/t cinn/½t allspice&clove uncvrd~h@low to reduce by ½; +t vanil/½lem&zest/brsug totaste. Fill jars; boil15m.
@RandomEtc @kellan I made apple butter with a 25 lb haul (food mill was critical in making that simple; pressure cooker didn't hurt either).
@stevecooperorg Hey, thank you!
Piquant Vinaigrette: whisk 2T winevinegr&freshherb/½lem&zest/T caper/½T dijon/½t pep/¼t salt/dash sug&soya&cayenne; slowly+½c olvoil. Yld~c.
Niçoise Salad: Boil lb tater7m; +4egg5m; +½lb grbean3m; rinsecool; slice+2tom. Cvr e+vinaigret; compose on greens+cantuna/12blkolv/8anchovy.
Apple Stew: Brwn lb chuck/oil; +onion&apple/2c shroom/4c rootveg/2T garlc&worces&flr; +2c beer&stock&applesauce/rosemry&thyme. Simmr2h; s+p.
Roasted Tomato Sauce: Chop,mix3lb tom/onion/⅓c olvoil&whlgarlc/s+p. Partly cvr in bkgdish~h@375F. Puree or sieve; +3T tompaste&basil. Yld2c.
Frittata: Brwn4T buttr/shallot&garlc/2c anyveg; +mixd12egg/2T herb/t dijon&s+p. Cvr8m@low; ~15m@350F toset. Top+parm.
Vinaigrette: Mix ½t dijon/smidgen garlic(opt)/2t winevinegr/¼t soya&brsug&balsamic&bouillon(or miso)paste; whisk+⅓c olvoil/s+p to taste.
Grilled Corn: Shuck silk&all but innermost husk of 4ears; snip tips. Broil or grill 10m. Turn until charred. Rmv char,husk. Srv w buttr/s+p.
RT @bwhitman: We made a Bread Detector. Build one yourself - it's open source, and cheap! Great fun, and you can eat the bread. https://t.c…
Traveling I wonder, what recipes are in your head? This bread's in mine: flat & pricked, spiced & tied, orbed & torn.
Bread: Warm3T sug&oil/T salt/2c h2o; +mixd c flr/2T yeast/¼c whtgerm. Knead+4c flr. Cvr,rise40m; +15m as 2loaf. 30m@375F. Thx<3 @Rhodacook!
@inducedcoma <3 thanks. IOU a letter. Been hectic and roaming but yes, still cookin'.
Poached Eggs: In skillet simmr2"h2o/t salt/2T vinegr or lem; slip in1-4egg one at a time. Cvr offheat 4m for med(-/+m soft/firm); spoon out.
Halibut Nettles & Clams: Sauté4c nettletops&shroom&leek/t pep/½c buttr. Boil+4c stock; lyr+20clam/4fillet. Cvr7m@low. Srv+basil&crustybread.
@koshlop Super awesome! How about with strawberries and whipped cream?

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