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Why Projects Fail
When we seek first to understand, we can then create movement based on what we learn
"We overestimate that change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten."~Bill Gates
More than halfway through @DigitalTonto’s new book, MAPPING INNOVATION Loving it.
There's a world of knowledge we can learn to tap into to understand ourselves better...
Negotiation needs of a VUCA world
Behavioral economics: the study of environments to identify, diagnose, design tools to help w/ intention-action gaps
Six Characteristics of Deep Innovation Smarts
Teaching and Learning by Discussion
Best is defined by the customer's ability to absorb what is delivered -- and to find it useful
The best digital professionals (and candidates) with the most experience tend to have a more varied industry profile
@melissa_ful Thank you for the kind words. I've paused to regroup, be thoughtful about what's next in my evolution.
@melissa_ful I have. First time? How did you like the area in front of the Accademia? (Used to be a parking lot)
@melissa_ful I don't kno them as well... white wines don't agree with me. I do know many who enjoy whites, esp. in…
@melissa_ful Still writing about white wines? Fascinating topic (I'm a read wine person.) Can't think of a better place for that than Italy.
“I made it very clear I won’t work for exposure.” Yup
How Understanding History is Essential to Creating the Best Possible Future
How to Listen, for a Change
@CanonUSAimaging I tried every online forum I could find. Crazy.
Of course, we don't repair things here... crazy to figure out recycle, too. Do we do this to people as well?

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