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RT “@mancavesav: See what the power of @Control4 can do for you. What's in your basement?”
RT: CES: My Favorite High Tech Products … via @Control4
@vincentgandolfo This is awesome to hear, Vincent. We kinda like Jay too. ;) We will pass along the message. We appreciate the tweet!
RT @RibAudioVisual: Another happy @control4 customer. It's not all about touch screens. :-)
@HDLiving Thanks for the RT!
Automated beer? The #IoT is bringing the brewery to your kitchen counter. @picobrewbeer
#HomeAutomation can scale from one room to the entire house. How does your Control4 #smarthome work to fit your lifestyle?
@im_white5531 And we want you to have one, Ben!
Lighting, entertainment, security, climate control, communication... You see where we’re going with this.
RT “@kellanwarren: @Control4 When we raise the garage door after dark, our Control4 system turns on key lights to make entry easy and safe.”
@kellanwarren Very cool!
RT @bstash_: @Control4 turns on my tv to the weather channel. Then 2 minutes later turns on the lights in my room. Simple & effective.
@bstash_ Awesome! Much better than a blaring alarm clock. :)
@Patrick_Soler Glad we're on the same page Patrick!
@Veritais Well deserved! You guys do amazing work. Do you have a case study of the project? We'd love to see!
How do the cost savings of #HomeAutomation break down?
@bstash_ The wakeup scene is one of our favorites. What is yours programmed to do?
@SciaccaTweets You don't need a dedicated home theater to enjoy a "#hometheater" experience! Love it!
Sweet setup! RT: “@SciaccaTweets: My #hometheater IS totally awesome! Check it out! @Control4 @kaleidescape”
@SciaccaTweets @kaleidescape Ahhhh, gotcha. I bet you have a sweet #hometheater setup!

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