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School's out for summer, even with advances in technology.
Now that's saving smart. Start planning today:
Many things could cause evaporator leaks, but a common cause is low refrigerant. If your coils are leaking, we can...
Mickey must have great air conditioning! He seems pretty excited about these dog days of summer!
Do you have a plan for your goals? Happy Motivational Monday!
Want to know a secret? Well there's a whole menu of them at! We hope you had a great weekend!
AC units used to measure output based on how much ice it would take to get the same cooling temperature. Cool, right?
Our #TriviaTuesday question is TRUE. We've acclimated to the convenience of air conditioning.
To choose the best air filter, look for a high MERV rating.
To choose the best air filter, look for a high MERV rating.
It's Trivia Tuesday! What's your guess? #TriviaTuesday #HVACTrivia
Everyone appreciates a good air conditioner in the summer.
What was special about your week? To add to that list, check these out!
Signs You Have Leaky Ductwork -
"Summer blockbuster" makes more sense now! Happy Friday!
Which do you think is better for cleaning your AC condensate drain? Vinegar or bleach?
North American Technician Excellence Inc. is a third-party, independent and non-profit certification for HVAC techs.
Which would you prefer? The weather of July 13th in 2000 or 2015?
Tea, lemonade, and iced drinks are a great way to lower your body temperature during these hot weeks.

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