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#Apple kicks off public OS X beta testing @gkeizer
Phone buyers are hanging up on subsidies and opting for installment plans @sdlawsonmedia
Here's what kind of tablet $5,000 gets you @agamsh
#Violin and #Microsoft use an all-flash storage array to speed up apps @sdlawsonmedia
#Google, #Samsung signed secret pact over #Apple #patent claims @martyn_williams
RT @gkeizer: Apple patches Secure Transport (SSL, TLS), but not because of Heartbleed.
Micron boosts endurance and capacity of SSDs for data centers @agamsh
RT @pgralla: Leaker claims that free cloud-based Windows is headed our way
#Netflix raising subscribers, fees, and ire to new levels #itband @RiCHi
Search and rescue group sues #FAA over drone use #TexasEquuSearch @jaivijayan
RT @jr_raphael: 10 enlightening things you learn as a professional smartphone reviewer: Some important lessons.
#Ad: Big Data. What it is and why it matters.
The iPad's expected ebb, and the search for why @gkeizer
Mystery #malware infecting jailbroken #iPhones, #iPads @lconstantin
Super-high frequencies could one day deliver mobile video @sdlawsonmedia
NEC launches face-recognition protection for PCs
Apple offers free recycling of its products worldwide @Johnribeiro
RT @jonnyevans_cw: 5 steps to save the planet, Earth Day, Apple special via @computerworld
Web apps and point-of-sale were leading #hacker targets in 2013, says Verizon @lconstantin
How to keep your smartphone (and its data) secure

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