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RT @leelefever: Had a great time talking about explanation skills and entrepreneurship on @jswenk's podcast.
Caring about and protecting #NetNeutrality starts with understanding the big ideas. Get up to speed in 3 mins:
@gregtutunjian Great to hear Greg! We'd love to know more if you don't mind sharing.
~250 people are registered for my webinar today on making Common Craft Style videos (it's at 11am PT). U can join:
Next week I'll share how we make Common Craft videos (and show how you can too) in a free webinar:
What's the "public domain"? Why does it exist? How do creative works become a part of it? Answers in our new video:…
We all want to make great impressions when we present. Impressing the experts in the room may come with a cost: leaving others behind.
Here's the complete library of @CommonCraft videos that educators use in classrooms and on the web:
How a Coin is Helping to Solve One of the World's great explanation problems
Curious about making Common Craft Style videos? I'll share our entire process in a free webinar. Register here:…
A FREE self-paced guide to creating animated GIFs that explain your ideas quickly
If true understanding is the goal, we have to stop trying to look smart and start making an effort to help others feel smart.
Help your audience understand the risks of passwords and online account security.
If you'd like to create Common Craft style videos, use our library of 2,500 original visuals to start quickly.…
Nice to be an inspiration for videos like this. Nice work @AGoldthorpeID!
What Pitchman Ron Popeil Can Teach Us About Explanation
How do animated explainer GIFs work?
2+2=4 is learning a fact. But if you UNDERSTAND addition, you can FIGURE OUT 2+3. Understanding is essential. More:
Nice video by @goanimate that uses Common Craft Cut-outs and live action images:
Are your students working together on a project? Use this video to explain project management basics:…

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