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For some of our Luxury and Mountain home professionals... here is a local Colorado craftsman, Jeff Spiker, who...
We had a call today... the Agent wanted to make sure we could create cartoon-like images like what they've had...
Realistic, emotional and accurate photography is what we do. Here is a quick sample of our recent work in Centennial Colorado.
Hmmmm... not too sure about this really.
Is The server down at BlueHost? None of my sites are being found on the server. #BlueHost
@VerizonSupport Unlock the FM chip on all @Verizon phones so I can listen for free to @NextRadioApp! #unlockFM #freeradio
Where's the late hit penalty????? GEEZ #broncos
Cutler is low on sugar I think. #broncos
Terrible interference call, but Malik Jackson got it! #broncos
@JPDBailey27 @Broncos @VernonDavis85 he was thrown to once... but was interfered with. REFS missed the call though.
Maybe the Refs might feel bad for being dumb and call some iffy ones on them too? #broncos
Geez... penalties are killing us already. #broncos
Ran over some sewer smelling material on I-70 today Eastbound before I-76 Denver. What is it?? Car stinks! #I-70 #I70 #SewageonHighway
One of our 700 homes that we've photographed this year. We'll post more soon!
5639 Montview Blvd in Denver, CO for sale by Stephen LaPorta Real Estate - Virtual Tour

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