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The sandwich is the ultimate apartment meal. I eat TONS of them and love it!
Send out party invitations two weeks in advance so your friends have time to clear their busy schedules.
Slip party invitations under your neighborâs doors! How easy is that?
Too much junk in your trunk? Use your apartments storage places & relieve your car.
We want to hear how you’re living in your apartment! Think you're a good roommate? Tell us at
Do what u can 2 separate ur home office from the rest of ur #apartment.
Explore your creative side with a window box of tomato plants in your College apartment.
Just leaving home and starting a new life? College apartment life is perfect for you!
No matter which apartment you choose, it's important for you to be happy. Don't settle & keep searching. You'll find your golden palace!
Check out your College apartment community bulletin board for in-house baby sitters, guitar teachers and housekeepers!
What happens if you get scared half to death twice?
BLT's are a quick and easy meal to make in your apartment
#Apartment Residents dance more than homeowners
You never want the first thing people see when they walk into your apartment to be a blank wall.
While LCD doesn't have any burn-in issues, plasma has a slightly better contrast ratio between black and other colors.
Want your kids to go to a special school district? Rent in the area instead of buying a new home- cost effective!
@bookrenter You could ask anything that helps you determine their character. Just like if you were hiring them for a job.
If your interviewing strangers for the sublet opportunity go at it like youâre interviewing them for possible job.
Notify management of a leak in your apartment as soon as you notice it.
Try partitioning off closets with shoe and hat boxes to save space and time

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