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Just had the worst customer experience I’ve ever had with a company @priceline . Their rep was rude, sarcastic, and… https://t.co/LcYJbQDzE0
RT @missioncolumbus: 5 years ago, people used Twitter a lot. So you get first dibs on this. Tomorrow is our 5th anniversary and we’re takin…
@Ali_Nejad Is the background video live?
RT @DougPerry7: @coffee I'd be lost without you. You get me.
Starting the evening off with a nice little cold brew buzz @missioncolumbus #coffee #cbuscoffee #coldbrew… https://t.co/Uc0iWL4Bae
Starting the day with an Ethiopian Gugi pourover @missioncolumbus - love the tea like quality of this kickass cup!… https://t.co/XlrYlpLH7h
RT @archillect: https://t.co/4Cuz23bXPS
There are sets that can not be observed. Ex: the set in which the observer is embedded with respect to a chart determined by that observer
A set is that which could in principle be observed by some observer.
Kolmogorov and Cramer or Pence and Bush??? https://t.co/A0IJdL2z41
Definition: A set is open if and only if it is a member of the topology.
But actually a set is open only with respect to a given topology. So what is the topology of the particles? Dunno yet.
In some sense an open set is bounded infinite iteration. Consider particles as reverse open sets then?
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RT @archillect: https://t.co/WGu5YzntFx
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