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Why Superstars Struggle to Bond with Their Teams
RT @meetdux: Don’t Let "Viral" Get in the Way of Good Marketing
@mlucerobertson - very touching story on your blog today... ·
Point of View is Worth 80 IQ Points via @wordpressdotcom
@tom_peters 2011 Most Influential Women in Technology. Now on my own "who to know" list!
RT @DanielPink: Let's Just Make the Startup-Coffee Shop Thing Official - (via @theatlantic)
RT @sarah_ross: RT @adventuregirl: RT Christchurch New Zealand~ How you can help earthquake victims
Interesting, y/n? Google's 10 Things We Know to be True: #6 "You can make money without doing evil"
thinking I can be in business and still care about people
I hope you are having a great day!
@meetdux Do you have presentations on youtube?
RT @eWEEKNews Ohio Ban on Offshore Outsourcing Raises More Ire from Asia - IT Management from eWeek
RT @eWEEKNews H-1B Visa Cap for 2011 Has Not Been Met Yet - IT Management from eWeek
RT @tom_peters: @Clint_Walton Agree.
RT @tom_peters: @Iconic88 We are what we eat. We are who we hang out with. (Period.)
@tom_peters Like mfg process, design process now require fewer resources. Leaving space for creativity? No excuses for poor design (y/n?)
Ever had a little thought keep popping up in your head? Lately my thought was to check out the book Nudge.
@lizwiseman Congratulations on Multipliers making WSJ Best Sellers! I'm no longer feeling the need to try and be the smartest person around
RT @lizwiseman: Multipliers is a WSJ Best Seller! ...
@ramonwilliamson - I'm looking forward to the Business & Professional Meetup on Thursday. btw, do we have a location picked out yet?

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