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Loved a short Holiday break but hate the catching up afterward! 2 Chiropractic press releases, 1 article, and 3 Decompression ad kits due!
New blog post: Consistent Chiropractic Marketing: What Messages are YOU Sending?
We've been too busy to update our sites, so the Chiropractic Holiday sale prices over are still good while posted!
Check out all of our Chiropractic patient education and art listings on ebay and save some dough!
Need an affordable spinal decompression marketing solution? How about a complete kit for under $200?
We've extended our Cyber Monday week sale through December 24th! Chiropractic patient education DVDs just $14.99.
We are having a HUGE Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale at! Paintings under $30, DVDs under $15!
Time to pay someone to self host or move to paid hosting. Who can recommend a great paid image hosting company but #notphotobucket ?
Now we have tons of broken links for ebay listings etc thanks to @photobucket banning our account for no apparent reason!? #frustrating
I own the copyright to the vid and pics I had posted so I'm not sure what their deal is. There was NO TOS VIOLATION to warrant banning!
The OVERSIZED Pinched Nerve Model. HUGE model with colored L.E.D.s - Chiropractic Patient Education
Star Wars Gifts: The New Motorola Droid R2-D2 Phone from Verizon/Motorola!
We just added a NEW PRODUCT at! Cervical X-ray Chiropractic Framed Prints
Have you seen the Chiropractic products JUST added to our zazzle store? Chiropractic posters, coffee mugs, and more!
Just released another NEW Chiropractic Poster: Chiropractic is Health Insurance. Check it out here!:
Ice Or Heat? A Rocky River, OH Chiropractor Provides Real Answers for a Very Common Chiropractic Question
Lumbar Vertebrae Funk Chiropractic Coffee Mug. Our new fun and funky Chiropractic Coffee Cup! from
Lumbar Vertebrae Funk Chiropractic Coffee Mug 2. Our new fun and funky Chiropractic Coffee Cup
We JUST added some brand new Chiropractic coffee mug designs in our store:

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