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Stay dry and stay safe Tampa Bay!
Hard water can be problematic b/c it creates buildup & can wear down fixtures & appliances quicker. Read more:
Well this is one way to stay cool...but you should probably call us instead!
#EnergySavingTip Replace damaged caulk to seal your home!
#fourthofjuly is almost here! Try decking out your lawn with some stars! Just use flour! #independenceday
Doing some #summer cleaning? When it's time to clean the toilet, try coca cola! Read how here #plumbing
Why are computers like air conditioners? They quit working properly when you open Windows. #Internationaljokeday #hvac #airconditioning
Today is #InternationalJokeDay! Send us your favorite jokes! We'll RT any good #airconditioning or #hvac or #plumbing jokes for sure! :)
Don't forget to keep track of when you last changed your #airconditioner filter. It should be every few months!
Before #airconditioning became common, many businesses & government offices took 2-month long summer vacations!
RT @bn9weather: Juli Marquez: We will be close to record high temperatures today. In #Tampa, the record high is 95 degrees from 1959. #flwx
New blog post! Read how to kill that smell from your garbage disposal! #plumbing #cleaningtips
Learn how to prevent water pipe corrosion in your home. Avoid unnecessary leaks and possible mold!
#DidYouKnow Chambers of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate weren't air conditioned until 1928-29?
#DidYouKnow 40% of electricity used to power home electronics is consumed while the products are turned off but still plugged in?
Happy Saturday! What are your plans for the day? Staying in and enjoy the #airconditioning maybe?
#HVAC Facts! Clearly these all point to keeping your air vents clean!
Wondering if keeping your AC at one temperature will help you save money on your electric bill? Figure it out here:
How's your week going? Remember, we'll be there in a jiffy if things start heating up too much!
Grilling out this weekend? Here's some corn on the cob recipes! Cook outside, eat inside! #ac

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