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Doing these things can make your home less of a target for thieves this holiday season.
Climate Design wants to help you reduce your energy bill at home by sharing these helpful tips:
Don't let AC issues hold you back from doing great things this week. Give us a call and we can resolve any problem!
Did you know that your dryer filter isn’t catching all the lint that could cause a fire? Click here for more info:
Living in paradise does come at a price. Learn why a dehumidifier is every Florida homeowner’s best friend.
All of us here at Climate Design hope you all have a great weekend!
Here are a few of the most common plumbing problems occur in Florida:
Spending the cold season in our local area? These tips can help you to get settled into your temporary home:
Do you know what your energy saving agreement actually covers? Click here for a better understanding:
For tips on how to troubleshoot a water heater that will not work, keep reading.
If you have any of the following problems with your unit, call/click to learn if it’s time to upgrade your system.
Refrigerant is safe to use inside your AC, but direct exposure or a leak can be harmful in a number of ways:
The weekend is finally here. Are you as excited as we are?
Here are 10 signs that your air conditioner needs a tune-up:
All of the necessary elements for a home fire can be found in an uncleaned dryer vent. Learn more here:
We have decided to set the record straight by separating the air conditioning facts from fiction:
If poor insulation has you and your family shivering, here’s what might be the culprit and what you can do about it:
Click here to learn why every Floridian needs to make sure they get an HVAC check-up before it’s time to heat up!
We are always here to fix any issues your AC may have so there's one less thing you have to worry about.
Enjoy your weekend and don't hesitate to call or click here if you have any issues.

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