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#AskACurator day question from @cunzatudzign: What has been the response from visitors re: Gallery One? (cont)
#AskACurator question - do curators have input on the installation of the art in the gallery? Yes! From (cont)
Thank you to all who have participated in #AskACurator day today with the CMA! If we didn't or don't get to your question yet, stay tuned!
#AskACurator question from @BAIAONLINE Any new acquisitions for the permanent collection, works by African (cont)
#AskACurator question from @YoginiChrissy Do you have input into the presentation/installation of the art (cont)
@cunzatudzign @linagato Excellent question! Have you checked out our Gallery One exhibition and/or ArtLens app?
#AskACurator question from @OhioMuseums re: biggest challenge posed for the #curators during the museum's (cont)
@linagato Yes! and
RT @timothk: .@ClevelandArt's #AskACurator has been awesome today - this should happen more often! Thanks to all the curators! #CLE
#AskACurator question- what kind of education do you need to be a curator? Well, it varies! Answers from CMA curators
#AskACurator question from @linagato re: most complex color combo found in your collection? Answer from (cont)
#AskACurator question from @Bay_Arts re: how to decide on what to include in/exclude from an exhibition? (cont)
@amm46 Great question! There are a few answers, actually - about to post a few!
#AskACurator Day question from @Firelight_Lu @sabotage619 re: why don't curators give more tours? Answer (cont)
In celebration of #AskACurator Day: upcoming CMA exhibitions at @TransformerStat include Julia Wachtel and Anicka Yi: Death opening 10/11!
@timothk #AskACurator definitely! The Cleveland Museum of Art's @IngallsLibrary has an incredible archive - the library is open to all!
#AskACurator - Priciest piece in your collection? Curator of Photography Barbara Tannenbaum says works are (cont)
#AskACurator - the 'priciest' object in our decorative art and design collection? Curator Stephen Harrison (cont)
#AskACurator question from @JessaHochman re: next exhibition/how are they scheduled? Answer from Curator of (cont)
@SneedSnidely Thanks! We are looking forward to have it on display again, too.

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