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@AXARnet I am looking to move hosting companies, VPS Diamond looks ideal however I need to know what additional IP’…
@AXARnet Great, my Spanish is shockingly bad, I can sign up & stuff, would just be if I have a support request it’s…
@AXARnet ¿Soporte en inglés para Servidor VPS Diamond?
@easyjet didn't supply me with a report of damage told me to ignore it and then blame me for it on return @Europcar_UK shady practice.
@easyjet do you want to offer other choices than these sharks @Europcar_UK Good thing I have full insurance, tried to blame me for damage.
.@Europcar_UK your staff at Glasgow Airport are useless and full of crap, thank goodness I had full insurance as the idiots told me lies.
@namedotcom I have some .se domain names looking for a new home, do you accept transfers in?
@TSB your posting out letters with security numbers and putting down the wrong phone number to call to change your security number.
@AmazonHelp 3rd time lucky trying PrimeNow order, if this one gets cancelled without a reason then that's the last time I am trying.
@AmazonHelp I did the person had no idea what's going on said going to report it to whoever gets these reports and I might get it on Sunday.
@AmazonUK PrimeNow in Glasgow is a bit of a fail, wait 3 hours the site still says it's being prepared, no delivery…
@TSB still not fixed, 2 months later it's a bit of a joke now, thinking of moving bank
Flooded with warnings from Google about all the WordPress sites needing to be updated from 4.7.1 done before but need to clear cache!
@TSB do you know anyone that can help with this issue? Everyone I call palms with off with a "we are looking into i…
@TSB over 3 months of getting told "tech are looking into it" really is no one competent at the bank that can solve…
@AmazonHelp ok will do that just now.
@AmazonHelp is this right, signed up for Amazon Prime as I wanted a keyboard only Prime members can get but deliver…
@AmazonHelp What you guys doing to me? I need a UK Keyboard sent to Spain but I can only buy it if I sign up for Prime that I can't use? :-(
RT @EntropicTndncs: @LaCieTech loving the 2 year old 6TB doorstop … that’s all it is fit for without a PSU that apparently isn’t under your…

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