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All my pictures are leading up to Civil War Days at The Springs
The mucky battlefield, bring your hip boots.
A better picture
Can you see who's on the roof???
They are waiting for us. Don't forget May 17 & 18 Elmwood at The Springs Vote for Civil War Days at The @CivilWarDays
I have a similar pocket that gets used for my phone quite often ;) #duckdynasty
Annual pie contest is scheduled for 2014. Can anyone defeat reigning champ Matt Wasserman?
Our Thanksgiving Feast winner is Sara Alafita.
Yes-I see you but not sure what I'm doing @ofcmbren
Thanks still working out what to do and who to follow, any suggestions? @SCCVB712
@clydeheritagele who would you recommend to follow
@clydeheritagele hello is Scott on Twitter too

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