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@BklynGirl916 🍉
@BklynGirl916 No, I must’ve missed it but I’m curious
@BklynGirl916 👀
@jnnamcky The phone, in general, is a trash device when used for its actual purpose. Texting and email is way more…
@jnnamcky I’ve noticed Twitter customer service for most companies is waaaaay better. It’s like they actually read…
@jnnamcky I had to hang up on amazon chat last night because they weren’t understanding the words that were coming out of my mouth
Emails that say “are you available for a phone call, I have a couple of questions” are like the 7th level of hell f…
That feeling when you sell a domain name you forgot you had.
So far so good investigative journalists.👏🏾 I still think there’s more to come
Now I’ve fallen into the Starbucks points/free drinks trap. Why use your free drink on a regular coffee when you…
@NonChron Sorry to hear about your situation 🌞
You know you’re an introvert when you sit in the Starbucks parking lot placing your order via the app so you don’t have to talk to anyone. 🙃
@BklynGirl916 Don’t tell me how to live my best life
Apparently if you don’t want your website indexed by Google, just use Wix.

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