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Vote for Toronto as the Best International Skyline @10Best. I voted! #10BestChoice http://t.co/PT2xnVPKQx #Toronto
RT @mckra1g: "@universetoday: "How Watching 13 Billion Years Of Cosmic Growth Links To Storytelling" http://t.co/p1S2AkxECn http://t.co/tVR…
RT @PCOSAA: @Christinekorda #PCOS #MoreThanBoobs #TeamTeal https://t.co/Pkhn9fcg3Y http://t.co/2AZsBLCh2C
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TripAdvisor and TripCase integrate with Uber so users can get to hotels and attractions http://t.co/br4oypyO4q #travel #apps #hotels
Your thoughts? Will travel blogging as we know it fade into the sunset? http://t.co/bGAxDlFNYT #travel #sm #socialmedia
RT @insider_society: Insider Society What's In Now is out! http://t.co/kAxyHLpgUK Stories via @Christinekorda
My week on twitter: 83 New Followers, 14 Mentions, 72K Mention Reach, 9 Replies, 14 Retweets. via http://t.co/YYqVzHWFC3
5 Top Trends for Health & Wellness Marketers to Catch in 2014 http://t.co/jeHulHH4DY #health #wellness
@VincentPaulR My day is going great - it's Friday after all ;)
TY 4 the #FF shout out @curlywurlygirly @MJasonHouck @LinkedInQueen @MadalynSklar @InclusiveDsign @LoriMoreno @SocialSnowflake
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Visiting Toronto in August use the code "tweet" to receive 25% off rack rates @windsorarms hotel https://t.co/1tUYYf4Qea #hotels #Toronto
RT @Mentor_Works: New #SmallBusiness Exchange/ Incubator for Women Entrepreneurs now open in Southern #Ontario http://t.co/MuChABEAn3 @Chri…
RT @Jenn_DiMaria: Social Media Daily is out! http://t.co/QYxTOJ7lXh Stories via @Christinekorda
Who owns what in this modern age? Monkey Selfies Drive Internet Ape-Sh** http://t.co/LhKlxI4EI3 #copyright #selfies #animals
How Pinterest Messaging could transform travel planning http://t.co/d6rjeSBRR7 #travel #SM #Socialmedia
'We are all manufacturers-making good, making trouble or making excuses. - H. V. Adolt @forbesthoughts http://t.co/GZ8MnlHhyV
RT @Syfto: The Syfto Styler Daily is out! http://t.co/pGnBWCdCbb Stories via @FSMMedia @Christinekorda @LoveIt

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