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RT @OmegaGroupMA: Only 25 tickets for tomorrow's fancy Masquerade Ball at @windsorarms Have you got yours? http://t.co/GNYoeRjUlk #hallowee…
'Unbroken happiness is a bore: It should have ups and downs. - Moliere @forbesthoughts http://t.co/VJsABYnCN8 #quotes
Fans and followers slip down the list in airline social media #INFOGRAPHIC http://t.co/MXeYeuBHSx #travel #airlines #SM
@JoinCarii I'll check again.
@merkurho @Mediacation1 I'm liking this :)
@merkurho @Mediacation1 Agreed - most accidents are due to substance abuse. Maybe we need to start there.
@merkurho @Mediacation1 There are lots of bad drivers - I know I would have been one, so I don't drive, you have to know your limitations :)
@merkurho @Mediacation1 I see more people hit by cyclist at Bay & Bloor than by cars. I think they should be charged.
@JoinCarii My virus protection is identifying your sit as unsafe, so I cannot check it out
@Mediacation1 I would like to see cyclists going through red lights at Bloor & Bay get ticketed
RIP web marketing and six other digital marketing trends http://t.co/u6gt6J7bk6 #SMB #marketing
The online travel brand is dead - discuss http://t.co/Dc8rRKfdK7 #TT #TravelTuesday
RT @globalnews: Congratulations: You’re Toronto’s new mayor. Now fix everything http://t.co/Zrjtxsruab #TOpoli
RT @scottabel: Why business customers crave engaging content - by Michelle Killebrew @IBM http://t.co/uKrsMABUNt #contentmarketing
@powerhungryfilm Thank you for including me in your paper 'social Marketing Report. Have a great Tuesday.
RT @powerhungryfilm: Social Media Marketing Report is out! http://t.co/ijGe0mtWz4 Stories via @Christinekorda
RT @windsorarms: Join us for Sunday brunch $47 per person. Available for a limited time. http://t.co/UW9C4Oubh9 #Toronto #foodies
How I did on Twitter this week: 99 New Followers, 51 Mentions, 208K Mention Reach. How'd your week go? via http://t.co/YYqVzIdIE3
RT @artsandrec: Our new fashion video for @fitzroyboutique shot @windsorarms music by @aylamillepied #fashion #lamode #film #dresses http:/…
8 Common Habits That Destroy Your Success http://t.co/9l0If67gQA #leadership

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