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Karaoke Crime - And Not the Singing Variety - Wow. And you thought you’d seen it all? Here I thought karaoke...
I just wrote "The FCC Law Affecting Legal Wireless Microphone Frequencies" If you are using UHF mic, read!
Karaoke Microphone Do's and Don'ts - There is a right way and a wrong way to act on karaoke night. I don’t...
FCC and Karaoke - New Wireless Microphone Law - You can’t believe it right? It’s illegal to buy, sell, or...
Criteria for Arranging Karaoke Rotation - Here’s one for the KJs out there: How do you determine rotation? I...
Wireless or Wired Karaoke Microphone? - Why do we love wireless karaoke microphones? We can walk around the...
Trying to buy a microphone? Here's some tips for karaoke singers in need.
Ring the Room for Karaoke - Feedback is a pain for karaoke DJs. You’ve got more problems than a DJ because of...
Church Soundguy: Feedback Control and Room Tuning Wicked good article. This guy deserves a retweet.
I just updated my Squidoo page: Top Ten Karaoke Duets / and this is the last one to update today WHEW I'm workin
I updated another Squidoo page: 10 Most Difficult Karaoke Songs To Love / lens gets some traffic, I wonder why?
I just updated my Squidoo page: DJ Feedback Reduction / keep those lenses fresh or Squidoo shuts 'em down!
I just updated my Squidoo page: Karaoke Etiquette - Karaoke Done Wrong / nobody has even been to visit it! Gee
I just updated my Squidoo page: Popular Karaoke Songs / just for fun
Karaoke Q&A - Home Karaoke Stereo or PA? - Q : Can I Use My Home Theater stereo system to Sing Karaoke? A:...
Karaoke Media Disc Formats
DJ Feedback Reduction
Found Sound Equipment to Prevent Feedback
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Top Ten Karaoke Duets

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