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RT @SassyOutwater: So you know all those emoji and punctuation marks in your Twitter names get read aloud by screen readers, right? If it t…
RT @thereaIbanksy: Remember
RT @dbader_org: "What's the most used language in programming?" "Profanity."
I've always thought @ShaunBurgoyne9 would be a great captain once @LHodge15 'retired'. I was right. Hodgey 'retires…
@holtbt Definitely. --- CJ Clayton @ChrisClayton Sent from my Bed.
RT @github: Sometimes a project is worth saving—even if you don't work on it anymore. Now you can archive repos as read-only!…
RT @trouteyes: PASSWORD: bitchDontEvenImTheFriggingQueen1952 PASSWORD STRENGTH: Very Strong
RT @zackwhittaker: If you’re a reporter covering a live hostage situation, don’t fucking print where people are hiding.…
*Luke Hodge has left the group* 😂
RT @myusuf3: Flight of the Developers.
The Vic Police's take on Citizens Arrest.
RT @tylermcginnis33: I'm still waiting for the day where I have to create 10,000 instances of Dog which all inherit from Animal.
RT @thejameskyle: Junior people will do extremely impressive work if you give them confidence. Give them confidence.
RT @b0rk: a tiny thing about process (human, not computer)
RT @markdalgleish: "Don't manually namespace your classes. Let a computer do it—they love that stuff" @joshwnj at @cssconfau 👏
RT @johncfeeney: Is HTML5 the future for delivering great experiences on both web and mobile devices? #digital #Mob…
RT @b0rk: assembly
RT @CIPbiz1988: Great tool for EVERYONE looking for a job in sports.
RT @davidgfowler: Facebook Live could be a sign of things to come via @TheDrum #digisport

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I'm an internet marketer, event promoter, artist manager, and all around good looking person. Ok, last part is debatable. I guess I shouldn't ask my girlfriend

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