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BREAKING: Cruz Camp Issues Statement on Private Trump Meeting and Endorsement Rumors!!
RT @BillKristol: It's fine for GOP elected officials to skip the convention, but they could also step up and support the delegates trying t…
RT @BillKristol: Those who want to rubber stamp Trump are likely electing Hillary. Those who want to free the delegates offer best hope of…
Amazing how blind and deaf s trump supporter is.
RT @KenGardner11: Congrats, George Will, for having integrity and refusing to allow yourself to be associated with the Party of Trump any l…
RT @BrianPaulStuart: 64% of #Americans believe #Trump isn't qualified to be #POTUS. Translation: 36% of Americans are #idiots. #GOP https:/…
RT @Rschooley: Hillary isn't perfect. Bernie isn't perfect. The system is a mess. But Trump is a dangerously narcissistic racist ignora…
Lol!! Cheeto man!
RT @KendalFTD16: The many scandals of they ever end....
Truth to power!!
Lol. So true!!!
RT @KendalFTD16: Free the Delegates is gaining more and more momentum! Join the resistance! Sign up at…
Pity Ann is not aware she's too old to be trumps next wife.
I can find better use of my time than listening to this blowhard #trumpsSCAMpsign
Walkers memo to delegates: Let's Roll!
Blame everyone but the man behind the curtain
RT @DeseretNews: Hatch introduces bill to encourage medical marijuana research
Ok becks ego has landed. But.. A non vote for trump is a Nobel endeavor IMO.
I see an epic land slide loss for trumpass

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