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Holding my 1 yr old, texting w/ hubby at DC March, watching massive crowds gather across US & around the world on Twitter. Can't stop crying
I'm too pregnant to march but my hubby & kid are off to DC to voice our fear, hope, anger––& pledge to care for eac…
.@adrianaoun & @goforward team are taking on an immense, ambitious challenge. Congrats on step 1! Excited to cheer…
@jgoldfein Congratulations! Great for all of us to see you in a partner VC role.
@AdamS @isaach @omid @grossman How @magicandrew adored those special effects. Here's one I saved––I think…
@elizabeth @louisgray @myameda @Medela_US @Freemie Awesome. Looking forward to the results!
@elizabeth @louisgray @myameda @Medela_US @Freemie E: how do you rank your 4? Excited to see how Naya & Moxxly (I'm an investor) compete.
@elizabeth @louisgray @myameda @Medela_US @Freemie Until @moxxlyinc is available, I rent hospital-grade Medela. No good portable Medela tho.
Great initiative, @knightfdn. I'll take advantage. My focus: investigative reporting. Only challenge: choosing from…
[2/2] ...Stop occasionally and let me pull the arrows out so you can run farther, faster.”
[1/2] Great advice from @lilaibrahim via one of her mentors: "pathfinders end up with more arrows in their back than front...
RT @lheron: Facebook is hiring a senior executive to lead news worldwide
@isaach @jess @aunder @janamal Right back at you, Isaac! You have no idea how much I miss you. Thinking of you lots this week as well...
RT @jess: Holiday dinner with @HelloAngels. We miss you @vijaya and @katies!
@AdamS Go, Adam, go! It's time for your next big chapter. And I can't wait to see where it leads.
@KatieS @benrbn @houseparty @joshelman + @SistaniSays Amazing to watch them figure out what really mattered and relentlessly refocus.
@wendyverse May the line you cross next week bring unexpected positive change, release, focus & wisdom. And as little fear as possible. <3
@SaraJChipps So awesome! Congrats Sara and team!
All of my social media feels muffled since Wednesday. It's what we don't post, or can't express, that is often most…
@caithood @adashek @fredgraver @moroz @robinsloan @otherone @twittermedia Long live the golden age of @TwitterMedia!

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