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Proof that your posture is important beginning at an early age.
Your heart matters; make heart choices. Have a SWEET Weekend!
Plastic + heat + water = toxicity. Read on....
Were you at Recipe Night last Wednesday? If not, you missed some delicious food and fun! Stay tuned for our next...
Your body has the ability to heal if everything is functioning at 100%.
Do you know the top 3 items that should be in your shopping cart each week? What about the 12 dangerous and...
Have you met our newest team member Michelle yet? Join us for a fun-filled Recipe Night next Wednesday at 6pm!...
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Do you drink enough water?
This. Is. Funny. Do you get adjusted? :)
A great illustration of habits.
Do you know anyone that can use any of these Free services? We want to serve our community. If you have any...
First adjustment. We love kids at Verity!
Enjoy each day with your kids. Happy first day of school! :)
In the most desperate time of need, remember these words. Stay focused and be encouraged that there is HOPE! Be...
Did you know?
Out with the old and in with the new! @ Verity awesome things happen. This little boy was tough enough to pull...

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