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Posture is important. "People who watched the most TV in an 8.5-year study had a 61 percent greater risk of dying...
Sitting properly is important.
Check out the remix of Old MacDonald. It is important to know what we eat. Eye opening.
Working out this weekend? You might want to switch it up a little.
This young lady is another reason on why we do what we do. Two years ago she suffered a stroke in which had left...
We need your help. We really do. This is how. Sociallyloved is featuring us in their first edition "social...
Yes. We. Are! All of this week for spring break! Regular hours. Getting adjusted does the body good! :)
There is truth to this. Enjoy each other. Happy Saturday!
Mind workshop :: "Regardless of your past, the future is spotless."
Remember life is about what you make it! Tonight, we will give you the tools to be successful in continuing a...
"It’s time to replace a “diet” mentality with a healthy lifestyle and intuitive, mindful approach to food. Diets...
This Thursday @Verity we will be having Mr. Mark Raciappa from Action Coach come and speak to us. This workshop...
Another reason why specific adjustments are important. Keeps you align so that you can continue to live life.
For those following through Ignite is a good article. Coconut oil used for many things!
It's a new day. New opportunities await. Take advantage. Happy Monday!
Why we focus on corrective care ::
Egg allergy? Great substitution.
U.S. school lunch compared to others. What a difference if true. We can change the future.
Ever wonder? The effect of ONE specific CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENT on the brain 2011 study by 9 doctors using a PET...

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