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Straight from NY... We hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving. We hope that you enjoy it with your loved ones!...
Straight from New York... Happy Thanksgiving!!! May you enjoy it with your loved ones. -Dr M
Straight from New York....Happy Thanksgiving! May you enjoy it with your loved ones.
Yall, meet Amy. When doctors said she can't, she did. She has achieved amazing results in our office. She is...
Would you like to smile and shed a tear at the same time? This. Is. Great.
This is video is powerful. Would you like to be motivated? Watch this. You were designed for more!
Stress can lead to high levels of cortisol. Which in then leads to inflammation. Inflammation then leads to disease.
Is it really? Why does one crave something sweet?
Hydrogenated and trans fats = disease. Check out what happens when a Twinkie is torched.
As you prepare for this week, try to not get caught off guard. Prepare.
Our hearts are heavy as we mourn with Paris in the wake of such horrific act of violence.
Let's do this. Tomorrow, two seats are open if you would like to join us.
This. Says. It. All.
Ever wonder how Specific Chiropractic can help? Why maintenance is important? Life happens. "The spinal cord...
Verity Family... We are looking to build a team for this event. All expenses paid for. We just need 8 more...
Did you know what an adjustment can do for you this week?! Happy Monday! :)
Wanting a coffee alternate that has a powerful antioxidant benefit. Check it. We carry this. Great to put in...
Yes. Is is true. It doesn't work. You do not get a cold because you have a sudafed/NyQuil deficiency. Build your...
Yikes! We ❤️Chipotle. However, there is nothing like knowing your farmer.
Happy Monday! This little guy is the newest addition to the Verity family. He would also like to remind you to...

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