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Be careful. #shoplocal
Do not jeopardize your workout by consuming unhealthy calories. Good fats. Good proteins make the difference!
Brand does matter.
New Post: Interview with Brian - #veritylife #Tallahassee #Chiropractor
We are grateful all of the mamas. They make the world a better place! You are special. #veritylife #grateful
Struggling to see health improvements? Simple changes equal great results!
Happy Hump Day! Meet a busy mom of four. This is a story of hope. Change. Commitment to one self. You too can...
Join us this week for a Mothers day celebration. You are that special. "Mother's hold their child's hand for a...
New Post: Interview with Steve - #veritylife #Tallahassee #Chiropractor
Did you know?
The mind is a powerful tool. We must protect it.
Did you know::
New Post: Interview with Mandy - #Tallahassee #Chiropractor
Here is a tear jerker for you. It is amazing what the body can do when you give it a fighting chance. We love...
This mamma is due any second now! She is now well adjusted. We wish her a healthy delivery! :)
Stability is extremely important. We challenge you if you can! :)
In the midst of it all...remember that there is always hope. It's not the circumstance but how you deal with it...
Did you know that La Leche League of Tallahassee Breastfeeding Support also meets @ Verity Health Center? We...
Collaborating helps a family stay healthy.
Yoga is fun for everyone :) Join us this Saturday at 10 am for Yoga @ Verity. 850.320.6158. Yoga could help...

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