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my kind of woman
@RebekahDenn you totally got me back on Twitter. Thank you? 💋
@hannaraskin if you give us the letters on the first wheel you can totally crowd source the solution.
@hannaraskin are you live tweeting this predicament you're in? Maybe the food word was actually "shit"
@mamster @hannaraskin mmmm
PSA: if you are prone to wearing dangly scarves with wick-like fringe, do not lean over candles. I'm ok. The scarf is toast.
RT @jasongay: There's a guy in this coffee shop sitting at a table, not on his phone, not on a laptop, just drinking coffee, like a psychop…
@mamster I see what you did there.
@FoodieHC bang some pots indeed!
@pinecone99 thanks Kari!
My juicy insights into being a private chef, plus some advice if you are thinking about getting into the career.
That moment of relief when you realize the 2 mouse turds in your kitchen drawer are forbidden rice.
@monicawilde gorgeous hedgies!
@coppercorn that recipe is all chef Lynne Vea and delicious!!
@coppercorn fun!! Good luck. You have me on stand by if you have any questions.
@coppercorn what did you go with?
I concur! RT @mamster: Probably my favorite episode so far of Look Inside This Book Club.
@Jess_Tupper @BookHoardist @outseide well if it makes u all feel better, I won't dipping my tongs into any tanks at least initially.
@outseide @Jess_Tupper I will be! I'll be doing a cooking demo and book signing at the aquarium August 4
RT @cookstr: A #recipeoftheday for all of us happily buried in #summer produce! @ChefReinvented…

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Chef|author|teacher: 2nd book called Good Fish on sustainable seafood out May '11. Warning: Potty mouth problem.

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