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RT @intentionaltabl: You won't want to miss chef & author @ChefReinvented discuss taste on March 5 at Intentional Table! Sign up here: htt…
@mamster @nwfoodette @epicurious if you have dirty mushrooms, simply wash and dry well. most don't need to be washed you are cooking them!
@mamster @nwfoodette @epicurious soggy mushrooms are from steaming them instead of searing them due to low heat and overcrowding.
@mamster @nwfoodette @epicurious right, total myth. Cook your mushrooms. Wash them if they are dirty.
I always thought the Tagalongs tasted dykey.
Same sex couples marry in Alabama. In other news, pigs are flying and Hell has frozen over.
annie lennox please have my babies #grammys
I don't think Smokey Robinson can close his eyes at night. #grammys #plastic
@worleygirl one of the most unique programs. Up there with six feet under.
Everything they said about 'Transparent' is true plus a million.
@carbzilla yes it is. That's my friend cherie's place. Gorgeous.
@ElizabethGChang indeed!
RT @tsusanchang: 2 reviews this week: “Shroom” in Washington Post & “The Banh Mi Handbook” in the Globe
@RebekahDenn @tsusanchang seriously. Hope her family likes shrooms.
No one tells me I can't get Polio. This is 'Merica!
@jland360 that wasn't a hallucination. #pathetic
@missionfood awesome!! Thank you.
@missionfood oh I'm so happy you liked it!
I'm about to go holiday shopping in downtown Seattle. Goodbye. i love you all. I hope I was a good person.
@missionfood 1# pound (dried or fresh)

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Chef|author|teacher: 2nd book called Good Fish on sustainable seafood out May '11. Warning: Potty mouth problem.

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