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RT @cityfruit: 1. Buy #CFCiderTaste tix 2. Visit local marketplace & meet @ChefReinvented, Shroom author 3. Pair Cid…
Book giveaway! RT @tableforlove: Giving away a copy of Shroom on my blog!
@Jason_Price_Sea @langdoncook awesome, thank you Jason
@tableforlove so. Much. Laughter!
Come!! MT @langdoncook: Talkin' mushroom foraging & cookery w/ (me)at Seattle's Phinney Books Weds, 7:30pm:
@tableforlove awwwww. So great! Thank you for doing a giveaway. 🍄🍄🍄🍄
Today's first world question is: What tastes like burnt liquid disappointment? Soy milk in your coffee when you were expecting milk.
@Women_and_Fish @sellmoreseafood @FutureofFish yup! @SteveVilnit rocks!
The odds u will die from bashing your head on your desk after watching Fox News is 1 million times higher than from contracting Ebola.
RT @andreaburzynski: World Chefs: Becky Selengut reveals magic of mushrooms in new book #food #mushrooms via @reuters
I have tried my entire life to love beets, but dammit I'm 44 & I don't need to eat those sugary dirt clods anymore. Onward & upward.
@splatani that would only help with the cooking so maybe he knew how to make a fire, too. 🍄
@splatani must have picked the right ones. Knowledgeable kid!
@VickiHy would be great with scrambled eggs, huevos rancheros, drizzled onto halibut and baked in foil packages.
@VickiHy oh good! My greatest joy is when my recipes work well.
@VickiHy sorry to hear that. What happened? It takes a little practice to get it right, but the recipe tested correctly
@LocalChow thanks lady!
RT @QAFarmersMkt: So excited to have @ChefReinvented Becky Selengut at QAFM, 5pm, cooking from "Shroom" #delish
I had a dream last night a tooth fell out. Here's the weird bit. It was a canine tooth. No, it was literally a canine tooth.
@WholeFoods @WFMSeattle thank you!

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Chef|author|teacher: 2nd book called Good Fish on sustainable seafood out May '11. Warning: Potty mouth problem.

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