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RT @mamster: ICYMI: Me, @mollyorangette, and @ChefReinvented live in Portland in May. Tickets on sale now.
@Liana_K in what alternate universe?
Trump only knows four words and two of them are misspelled.
@jd_vickers I'll keep making them here and there for sure!
@SeaTimesPhoto On Cap. Hill. Izzy the WonderDog flies through the air for a snowball. Photo credit: Nadia Flusche
@jseattle At Seven Hills Park. Photo credit: Nadia Flusche
RT @mamster: Our Secret Better Lives is on sale today, and I will donate all proceeds thru Sunday to Planned Parenthood.…
The early heroes in this new world are park rangers, scientists, lawyers, and people who value good hair.
RT @neiltyson: Seems the World goes batshit crazy, every few decades. Just long enough to forget the last time the World went batshit crazy.
RT @DanielleMuscato: Three super simple actions: 1. Follow @ACLU. Let's get them to 1 million 2. Donate at 3. RT t…
Remember when everyone walked the streets like zombies playing Pokemon + ppl had strong opinions about that? No? me either.
The creativity in the Resistance is equal to the Stupidity in the White House
Today's micro-action: Send the White House all my used tissues, because Hair Groppenfuhrer is to blame for my weakened immune system.
Millions of women marching were actually shopping for maternity clothes for upcoming (unwanted) pregnancies #alternatefacts #handmaidstale
RT @TheFoodLab: Lies and bullshit are lies and bullshit, not "alternative facts". This is insane and must be stopped.…
RT @holliedmonds: "The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command" -G Orwell #…
RT @rascouet: Re Spicer's lies, this is from someone who worked in a past administration. Important read.
@jseattle Amy and Capitol Hill will forever go together. A brilliantly deep, witty soul, she will be missed by so many.
@LightBulbChaos perfection
RT @jen_lamson: My favorite so far. #FeministXmasSongs

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Chef|author|teacher: 2nd book called Good Fish on sustainable seafood out May '11. Warning: Potty mouth problem.

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