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I had a dream last night a tooth fell out. Here's the weird bit. It was a canine tooth. No, it was literally a canine tooth.
@WholeFoods @WFMSeattle thank you!
Only in America could Against All Grain and Flour + Water be on the Amazon Best Seller New Release list.
@WholeFoods could you tell me the source of the farmed salmon in the sushi in your Seattle marketplace?
@WholeFoods yes, but you use an outside vendor for your sushi program. Are they using the farmed salmon you sell in the store or ?
ADHD self-help mantra "Today is the first day of the rest of that squirrel."
.@WholeFoods still waiting for a response as to how you are still selling farmed salmon sushi in your stores
@hipstern thank you Aviv!
Can you please explain why you are offering farmed salmon sushi at your stores @WholeFoods
Concentration camps is a vulgar "liberal" expression for an all-expenses paid permanent vacation #JeffCoSchoolBoardHistory
@MaxMartin yeah I wish I was a porcini but I'm a hedgehog too.
@MaxMartin hey, thanks. Have fun with it. What shroom are you? (See the front section)
@Julia_Wayne awesome. What kind of fudge? 🍄
RT @ohmeags: There is a reason why we call it the "Violence Against Women Act" and not the "Brawling With Families Act."…
@gastrognome @langdoncook thanks Naomi!
@ldgregg @KPLU awesome. Thanks for pointing it out. I didn't know about it.
@forkmespoonme weeeeee! Thanks for the lovely review. Mushrooms FTW!
@instructables you are welcome! So much fun to play in your test kitchen.
@girlandcoconut @clarebarboza awww thank you! I love my team.

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Chef|author|teacher: 2nd book called Good Fish on sustainable seafood out May '11. Warning: Potty mouth problem.

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