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@Jess_Tupper @BookHoardist @outseide well if it makes u all feel better, I won't dipping my tongs into any tanks at least initially.
@outseide @Jess_Tupper I will be! I'll be doing a cooking demo and book signing at the aquarium August 4
RT @cookstr: A #recipeoftheday for all of us happily buried in #summer produce! @ChefReinvented…
To any straight allies who refused to get married until all legally could, I really hope you're still together.
@RebekahDenn thanks Rebekah!
@Adason15th @MarxFoods thanks for the tweet!
5 tickets left! This Monday at Marx Foods ---
RT @MarxFoods: There are still some open spots in our upcoming class with @ChefReinvented ​on June 15th! You can sign up here:…
Likely cleanliness ass backwards but if forced to choose I would eat a soup w/ 4 flies in it over a whole bowl of pasta w/ one long hair.
Tonight the hilarious @legrimm joins co-host @mamster and I on our new, improved podcast, Look Inside This Book Club.
@legrimm @mamster be careful what you're excited about.
RT @legrimm: Tonight I get to record an episode of the Look Inside This Book Club podcast with hosts @mamster and @ChefReinvented. Fun!
New podcast: irreverent reviews of the free kindle pages on Amazon.
@HeatherHAL @ChefTerriDien I'll bring dessert.
@Adason15th it was my pleasure! Ada's rocks!!
Barry Manilow comes out. Mandy reportedly crushed.
@sethimd I miss you already!
RT @mamster: At the Look Inside This Book Club, @ChefReinvented and I read the free Kindle preview, then discuss the book.…
@Julia_Wayne you crack me up. Oh and the answer is 3 days, tops.

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Chef|author|teacher: 2nd book called Good Fish on sustainable seafood out May '11. Warning: Potty mouth problem.

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