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@jland360 that wasn't a hallucination. #pathetic
@missionfood awesome!! Thank you.
@missionfood oh I'm so happy you liked it!
I'm about to go holiday shopping in downtown Seattle. Goodbye. i love you all. I hope I was a good person.
@missionfood 1# pound (dried or fresh)
@fourchickens thanks for the great review Jeanne!
@SheSimmers @Liana_K right back at ya!
@coppercorn well, it is Hanukkah. :)
@missionfood yay! Have fun. Let me know if u have any questions.
@missionfood chilaquiles! Bahn Mi! Dan Dan!
@missionfood I make dbl batches, wrap in plastic wrap, then foil. 6 mos ltr still good.
@missionfood if it's still covered with the butter, at least a week. It freezes really well.
@cityfruit @NPR aw thank you!!
@licorous great to see you. Heal well!!
@HugeFood thanks! If you can't find fresh porcini, king trumpets make a fairly decent stand in.
RT @MarxFoodsSEA: Great @EaterSeattle article featuring our upcoming event with @ChefReinvented. We hope you'll join us on Wednesday!! http…
I'm making a black forest cake with so much booze I'm concerned for the safety of my eyebrows and all the houses on this block.
RT @MarxFoodsSEA: Join us on 12/10 from 6-8pm for a book signing/mushroom cooking event with @ChefReinvented! http:/…
Question: Do myopic tea-partiers call their glasses "regressives"?

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Chef|author|teacher: 2nd book called Good Fish on sustainable seafood out May '11. Warning: Potty mouth problem.

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