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@girlandcoconut @clarebarboza awww thank you! I love my team.
@omnivorebooks missed you but had a great time!
@eatthelove thanks Irvin!
@MarriedWDinner aw would have been cool! At @omnivorebooks tomorrow at 3 FYI.
San Francisco bound. See you at 3pm at Book Passage, Ferry Building. #shroomcookbook
Enter to win a free copy of Shroom over at
@lisaknakamura thanks Lisa!
@worleygirl @AndrewsMcMeel what can I do to soothe your butthurt? Xo
RT @AndrewsMcMeel: We asked SHROOM author @ChefReinvented about her favorite recipes & tips. Here's what she had to say:…
What Shroom are you? F&W posted my dorky chart:
To the guy in my cooking class who walked straight at me w/ his knife drawn: "thank u for cutting those onions & here is my wallet."
Teaching a hands on cooking class is akin to leading an orchestra of drunken violinists.
@mamster I should become a financial advisor.
@mamster totally, how else do I get to travel?
@mamster haha -- I haven't. I'm too busy rereading my best lines from Pretty Good Number One.
@mamster I should, but then you'd take credit. ;)
"salt, caramelize, acid" All of cooking could be boiled down to that. For great food add: "umami, herbs, spice, heat and booze."
#1 mistake to make with cooking mushrooms: overcrowd the pan + low heat = steamed shrooms = nasty
@savoryexposure @clarebarboza @shopPIGMENT yay!!! Thanks b
Really Kanye? I expected SO MUCH MORE.

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