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Thank you @designmilk, @dwell @uhurudesign, and everyone esle for a nice way to start the week #modernmonday
A6: ICFF, WantedDesign, WestEdge, Insta. We met a lot of our friends at shows. There’s a ton of emerging talent right now. #ModernMonday
@uhurudesign, great point. Always focus on differentiating your brand and product. #modernmonday
RT @uhurudesign But yes, @cernogroup - a large part of our value proposition is being an alternative to larger companies. #ModernMonday
There are a lot of advantages to being small and you have to exploit these advantages. #modernmonday
A5: We don’t try to compete with the larger brands, we try to carve out our own niche. #ModernMonday
Tell your story honestly and creatively. #modernmonday
Be a pioneer, try not to just jump into a already too crowded space #modernmonday
A4: Design original products and exhibit at some of the big shows. It’s not easy and it takes time. #ModernMonday
Knowing when to say no is very important. #modernmonday
understanding the marketplace takes time. #modernmonday
Finding quality craftspeople is also a real challenge for us. We are always looking for new talent. #modernmonday
A3: For a manufacturer like us, the barriers to entry are real, it cost a lot to tool up. Scary leaps of faith. #ModernMonday
you are intimate with the entire process #modernmonday
You decide when to say "yes" and "no" #modernmonday
RT @uhurudesign UHURU is Swahili for freedom - an idea that has always been at the root of how we approach design. #ModernMonday
A2:The process is less formulaic than other industries. We draw own map and choose what direction we want to go. Freedom. #ModernMonday
RT @beshcabinets Indy design also means being responsive to the problems it is solving. #modernmonday
It about being nimble #modernmonday
RT @uhurudesign A1: Independent design starts outside the established routes - #ModernMonday

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