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The Star Wars cantina set, maquette, sketches, aliens, costumes and behind the scene photos. http://t.co/F0qaRBK5Yv
5 Unusual Ways to Start Working Smarter, Not Harder http://t.co/lW5OCa2pDM http://t.co/GmSolJejnM
That's right! http://t.co/nEFBnvM597
RT @HubSpot: Curious about how @MarkRoberge describes his sales philosophy? Read his interview w/ @InsightSquared here: http://t.co/6qKWWVa…
Sounds like I need to watch this one... http://t.co/2eG47dWink
22 Rules of Storytelling by a Pixar Storyboard Artist http://t.co/LW4tcdwq8V
Happy National Grammar Day!
20 Great Writers on the Art of Revision http://t.co/GfRwfjgO http://t.co/H69x57MD
In case anyone's wondering, Constant-Content has apparently renamed the "Recently Sold List" to "Writing Ideas."
Blog Post: Constant Content’s New Search Tool: Constant Content recently improved its search tool, and it affect... http://t.co/1GSOx3Pf
Cute. http://t.co/pvLpgNKY
Gotta love Elmo. He's all grown up now... http://t.co/3UJrGJad
Blog Post: Joys of Working from Home:     Posted with Blogsy Related Posts: Freelance Writing on Microblogs Mark... http://t.co/P7WAz2ny
#FF @janalynner @KiraStann @CCSwriter @wordpreneur @jenistepanek @RubyRed0 @DazzleDawn @StaciaKelly
It says 2011 but they really mean 2012 --- Check out the latest stats about the freelance industry. Some... http://t.co/SvYXZFTM
Some cool new tools to check out... http://t.co/CAvoNpYW
About to [download] this. http://t.co/nWHgdx0P
I just got a score of 8438 in the castle level of NinJump Deluxe HD Free, a FREE game from Backflip Studios! http://t.co/IlP9fvpk
It sounds so simple... I suppose it is if you follow these 10 steps: http://t.co/GIBJQqAV
For those who prefer to read, here's the transcript of Neil Gaiman's commencement speech: http://t.co/LfOv79fS

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