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@ClassicalKDFC It looks like your Playlist stopped updating a few days ago:
RT @LeeCamp: Healthcare for all is a slippery slope. What's next, clean water for all? WHEN does it stop?
@ClassicalKDFC it looks like your WordPress site has been hacked, this is probably what happened:
@kimmaicutler It kinda does? “Cunningham said the town isn’t earning enough money because Proposition 13 keeps its…
RT @jbenton: Re: This story on FB allowing anti-Semitic ad targeting I just tried & Google seems to let you target…
@allafarce You pulled up Marine Traffic + AR to scope it out, right?
RT @sgtjanedoe: Hi Sarah. I am in the military. The government provides all of my healthcare. I'm sorry you can't think of anything worse t…
RT @anxiaostudio: This paragraph will haunt me for a while
RT @monteiro: Another great day in Silicon Valley. Congrats to Blue Bottle.
Same. Something fascinating about knowing it would end in defeat, yet still completing the mission at hand.
RT @douglax: Happy 26th birthday Linux!!! Here's your fucking cake, go ahead and compile it yourself.
@adammathes Discord
RT @kingkeoua: What a finish! #Destiny2 #leviathanraid
RT @SenSanders: I'm very proud to be introducing the Medicare for All Act today, which has 15 co-sponsors in the Senate, a record level of…
@Chr7sA I think Guided Games are gonna be YUGE, judging from how helpful my clan-mates were when I joined. Players wanna help each other!
@kcbstraffic next time plz link directly to the source, not your Fb page. This is how the web is supposed to work.
Here’s the actual link:
RT @jonfavs: Ted Cruz is fave'ing his conscience.
RT @ShaunKing: You just might be a white supremacist if you LOSE YOUR SHIT when the interviewer reminds you that indigenous people WERE HER…
RT @brianklaas: 16 years ago, today, Trump talked about how his building was now the tallest one since the World Trade Center fell. https:/…

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