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“Hardship often prepares an ordinary person for an extraordinary destiny.” - Christopher Markus #MondayMotivation https://t.co/m9tD4WP5FP
Drug overdoses now take more lives than gun homicides & car crashes combined: https://t.co/QCQm6JOR7Y @voxdotcom
How does #alcohol marketing impact our perception of alcohol & its consumption? More info: https://t.co/CEuU59iIoQ… https://t.co/EHZIm6v2mp
Between 2009 and 2014, there was a 35% increase in #opioid-related ER visits in Connecticut: https://t.co/wVlrv960i4 @WSHUPublicRadio
Get your tickets now for our 11th Annual Philadelphia Comedy Night on 4/30 at @HeliumComedy ft. @JessicaKirson! https://t.co/9MkPLoZGK7
"I remember the day I realized I was addicted.” A Caron alum shares her story in @DrOzTheGoodLife: https://t.co/uA5Q6IUWNs @janebianchi
#Alcohol marketing to #women often suggests #wine is needed to socialize or cope: https://t.co/CEuU59iIoQ… https://t.co/ZmKBh2ePTp
Read about our latest #SpiritualFriday discussions on the spiritual principles of the #12Steps:… https://t.co/Wrf94V24yc
In Connecticut, there were 255 #opioid-related ER visits for every 100,000 people in 2014: https://t.co/wVlrv960i4 @WSHUPublicRadio
A casual drinking habit can turn into a full blown #addiction. https://t.co/S37Q5F22Mx @foxnewshealth @JulieRevelant #AlcoholAwarenessMonth
In 2015, #opioids killed 7,163 people between ages 15 & 29, over 20% of total deaths: https://t.co/fST1lPa2CX @nytimes
Many states have created or strengthened drug monitoring databases to check for doctor-shopping: https://t.co/DKW8gPVZOE @phillyhealthsci
#Addiction impacts not only the individual, but the entire family. Learn more at our Caron Philadelphia seminar 4/29 https://t.co/NJLD7ECkVX
.@voxdotcom mapped out how the #OpioidEpidemic became America’s worst drug crisis ever: https://t.co/QCQm6JOR7Y
@KSarlson @ConvoZone @HerrenProject @Devin_Reaves @GovernorTomWolf Thanks for sharing!
We want to reinvent the meaning of 4/20. Learn more about our #marijuana #prevention initiative: https://t.co/qRD6EQWj2S #TakeBack420
Our #TakeBack420 program aims to raise awareness about the risks of using #marijuana. Learn more: https://t.co/qRD6EQWj2S
#Alcohol marketing can send dangerous messages to children about alcohol consumption: https://t.co/CEuU59iIoQ… https://t.co/yBZeIUPzRo
@GratitudeMap Thank you! Appreciate your support!
Connecticut has one of the highest rates of #opioid-related ER visits in the country. Learn more: https://t.co/wVlrv960i4 @WSHUPublicRadio

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