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The latest The Carney Sandoe Daily! Thanks to @mollycuz @uniqsuseq #edchat #edtech
@leefink @lcarroll94 Wonderful! It's great to hear of young students interested in teaching!
Did you miss the #isedchat last night around hiring trends in #indyschools? Check out a recap on our blog at…
ICYMI: Trying to decide if you should attend our hiring conferences? This blog post answers your top questions at…
The latest The Carney Sandoe Daily! Thanks to @InterlochenArts @MBRevesz @AleCambridge #edchat #edtech
@theatlis thanks for participating! #isedchat
This has all been wonderful! Thanks so much @lcarroll94 and #isedchat! Thanks to everyone for sharing your perspectives in this great chat.
@TyeJCampbell @Learn21Tech @skeeTX great points all! #isedchat
@skeeTX hard to generalize, people want different things for diff reasons. But the best resources are often right in front of us. #isedchat
Less that 10 minutes left in this #isedchat on the topic of hiring in #indyschools! Time flies when you're having fun!
@skeeTX cultivating how? Prof dev? Mentoring? This works in tandem in bringing new employees as well. #isedchat
@TyeJCampbell @ckoos1 well said!
@Learn21Tech those points are definitely becoming more prominent in schools today. Belief in mission is huge #isedchat
@TyeJCampbell @ckoos1 great point, and to also have an idea of what their mission means to someone outside the community #isedchat
@skeeTX the basic rules haven't changed much, have they? Be polite, responsive, and prepared. #isedchat
Speaking of etiquette, what are some tips you might give new teachers looking for their first job? #isedchat
Schools are using every point of contact with you as part of the interview process. Always use professional etiquette #isedchat
@skeeTX schools will ask not only about qualifications, but pointed questions to determine empathy and compassion #isedchat
Having this evidence is extremely helpful when applying to a position. Schools like concrete examples, to be shown…
@skeeTX we look for applicants to go above & beyond "traditional" teaching for sure. It's also dependent on position/school needs #isedchat

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