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@Johnny_Dundulis Man, that looks good.
A multi-meat masterpiece.
@AddieLeeXO makes sense to us.
Our Stars for Heroes program begins today! Visit any store this month and join us in showing support for our vetera…
It’s an honor to join you in supporting America’s defenders.
@JamieReidy Someone's gotta lose, and that salad lost hard.
@_aaanilorac It needed to be done. We're glad you're loving them.
@Izzymahitta @styledXruby It has something to do with this.
@Flowkari Do it do it.
@sblboo7 You lucked out.
@Misstenfoh You are a rock star.
@Misstenfoh Well, what are you going to do about it?
@LisaLease007 Tell the world. Shout it out at the top of the mountains.
@HenrydudeVIII Of course it is.
@_lolRob_ You know it.
@expiredmeatloaf Nope. Keep the ideas coming though!
@beavergrad00 Catsup and ketchup are the same thing. Trust us.
@TrueArt2083 Well, what did you about it?
Hat tip to @thesharkdaymond & @JoeysWordTour for the Baby Back Rib Burger review. Great video for great, real ribs.

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