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How do you acquire & analyze #bigdata more efficiently?:
Why Big Data and AI Need Each Other — and You Need Them Both #contentloop
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How do you get the maximum benefit from SAP Business Suite powered by #SAP #HANA?
Mobile phones unlikely to harm human health, scientists find #contentloop
Digital Innovation: is it killing or saving the Telecom World?
TechnoVision 2015 - What's Your Story? - TechnologyDesign For Digital #2 – What’s Your Story?   The name may sugge...
Missed the Q&A chat with @juanmart63 on SAP Business Suite powered by #SAP #HANA? Get the transcript here:
December 25: The Day Internet of Things Devices Go Online En Masse #contentloop
Capgemini's Jan Richards & Subir Dutt discuss the benefit of #Oracle Engineered Systems:
"It is still difficult to compute ROI on many social media activities "
Current and former employees sue Sony over hacked data #contentloop
A 3-step, 6-week-long strategy & roadmap process ensures maximum ROI on SAP Business Suite powered by #SAP #HANA
Solve Tough Problems by Inverting Them #contentloop
Video: As Elizabeth Rabet explains, not only do we implement Oracle Exadata for our clients, we use it ourselves
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How important is security when developing #IoT products? Take our 5-minute survey
TechnoVision 2015 – Data Apart Together #contentloop
.@juanmart63: "Companies need to evaluate to understand impact of SAP Business Suite powered by #SAP #HANA"
Converged infrastructure solutions help cut costs and increase performance

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