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Do you want to set up an innovation center? See teh @CapgeminiConsul checklist of what you need to focus on
True agility means innovation can strike anywhere - even a sheep farm. #cloud #PaaS
We enabled innovation at PostNord within 14 working days by leveraging @IBMBluemix. Watch: #PaaS #cloud
[Video] How Oslo municipal created a safer and smarter city with a mobile platform
Why travel companies are seeing the importance of platforms to provide an end-to-end experience @sdarshan15
“Evaluation metrics for #innovation centers should be very different from the business,” innovation exec.
The Prosumers are coming & they want your platform by @HogneGjersvik
If you have the innovation mindset, "big" can be fast, too. Read more here #cloud #IaaS
3 key things to rethink customer connectedness to drive targeted & rewarding engagement
How to create a compelling digital platform to disrupt your industry @fabiomoioli @javagyan
Capgemini implements innovative #eCommerce solution at PostNord as part of Logistic Labs innovation program #IaaS
[Video] What children of Oslo can teach you about becoming a smart city
Video: The 400-year history of Nordic parcel delivery innovation continues with PostNord & Capgemini #cloud #PaaS
Beware of being outdated: Follow these 10 principles & turn your enterprise into a Platform
Re-thinking how to engage customers #contentloop
"What we get from Labs is the ability to advance & accelerate the business in ways we couldn’t without it."
Top best practices for up to 40% better customer experience, higher cross & up-sell rates & reducing flight risk
Time to market is the key today. A comprehensive tool kit will help achieve that #Agile #Testing
How Long It Takes to Get Back on Track After a Distraction #contentloop
When you need to innovate, where do you start? #cloud #IaaS

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