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#VRM lets customers manage their data & tell you what they want. Are you ready to give customers the tools they need?
New Video: Judge Susheel Navanale's views on Tata Global Beverages Challenge: Capgemini Super Techies Show S3
Capgeminiā€™s @raknz examines impact of digital transformation on value-driven sourcing models:
Share of cloud-based systems is expected to climb to 35% by 2017 #WQR14
Start your #DigitalTransformation now buy #LeadingDigital today
#VRM is all about offering your product/service to customers when they want it not when you want to sell it
#Fashion saw the biggest increase in online purchasing behavior in our #Digital Shopper Relevancy survey
How can you give #utility customers better #customerexperience? See our #digital CX demo at #EUW14:
The16th European #Energy Markets Observatory is coming soon! Pre-order here: #EEMO
.@oldbrun talks about the real-world application of #bigdata & #analytics in sectors such as SCM at #IPExpoEurope.
Why test data management is emerging as a specialized role within QA & #testing teams
Customer-centric approach helps in gaining new clients as well as retaining the current ones
Swedish team 'Uppsala Elite crew' talk about the challenge, the studio experience and future plans.
#EEMO 15 covered how to overcome an unstable #energy market. What trends will the 16th edition show?
Expert Connect Friday: @rhodge77 helps clients to deliver sustainable improvements in organisational profitability
#VRM is the next wave that allows companies to empower their customers
Find out more about #VRM and its advantages to customer engagment by following @docsearls #FF
Coming to #EUW14? Read about our speaking sessions, demos & booth here:
Europe shows slightly slower rates of #cloud adoption (27%) compared to Latin America (33%) #WQR14
European #Energy Markets Observatory 16 is out next week! Pre-order your copy here:

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