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How do you detect & react to advanced internal & external business threats? #bigdata business #datalake
Watch team 'Fractals' lock horns w/ team 'Star Tech', in the Bharti AXA challenge, for the final spot in the Top 3!
Blog: @data_everywhere presents some use cases on how business #datalakes can help identify threats:
To ensure security of #electricity supply, Europe needs to invest $2,200bn by 2035
Working in Tallin but logging in from Tokyo? Anomalous Behavior Detection solution #bigdata
The Bharti AXA challenge presents a unique problem that calls for a unique technology solution. Learn more:
What are the key emerging trends in #testing? Don't miss the session at #HPDiscover #WQR14
Watch: Colette Lewiner discusses the key findings of the 16th European #Energy Markets Observatory
Ron Tolido throws light on the digital advancement of non-life insurers as compared to their life counterparts.
Big Data: It’s Not What CMOs Know, It’s What They Do #contentloop
Five Ways to Bounce Back From a Horrible Day #contentloop
New approaches to spotting abnormal behavior #bigdata #datalake
Firefox Kicks Google To The Curb To Make Room For Yahoo #contentloop
What is happening in the European electricity market? Read the EEMO report #energy
We have 6 speaking sessions at #HPDiscover Barcelona on topics such as #testing, SAP HANA, #cloud & #bigdata
Driverless cars could be hacked by terrorists, warn transport experts #contentloop
How are capacity remuneration mechanisms working in the Member states? Find out in the EEMO #energy
Fidelity’s Oculus App Lets You Fly Through Your Investments #contentloop
Expert Connect Friday: Working across geographies & cultures is not a challenge but main driver for @srikanthadai
Now you can detect and even predict possible fraud, theft of data or IP. business #datalake #infosec

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