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RT @Forbes: You don't get a tax deduction for the cost of food used to improve your health:
“@Inc: The Importance of Listening to Your Employees” great bit
RT @MichelFalcon: Are you a customer focused CEO? Find out here
. @fiverr super frustrated. Can't activate my account. And can't contact customer service. Sucks.
The right gift can open doors and be the catalyst for great business relationships.
Looking forward to delivering great new content to a huge group of CEOs in LA on Tuesday.
You Can’t Train Employees to Be Great People…
Some great examples here on how to make your walls attract people to your company...
Another blogger wrote about the Vivid Vision...
Watch 1st 90 seconds & last 45 secs - culture is by design... CEO has same desk space as everyone else
“@SarahPrevette: Officially back in Toronto. Flying coast to coast twice in one day is not the best idea I've ever had.” Agreed. Been there.
“@FortuneMagazine: Microsoft to 5th-grader: We’ll make Minecraft better” No You Won't.
RT @Forbes: Being a "good guy" boss every second of the day could actually hurt you. Here's how:
Coaching a client - discussing how companies put TOO much on marketing - less is more - great example here..
Biz Idea - A Webcam that makes you look slimmer...
When every employee can make more money by bringing in clients or employees, they will work to help you build your business.
RT @todmaffin: BREAKING: B.C. teachers ratify negotiated settlement. After four months, schools will resume next week.
. @richardbranson Love it if you'd share this TED Talk (if you like it) "Let’s Raise Kids To Be Entrepreneurs
. @BillGates Love it if you'd share this TED Talk (if you like it) "Let’s Raise Kids To Be Entrepreneurs
@ErikWahl what app do you use to tweet from stage ? My old one is bkrpt

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