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VanCity Seaplanes could be the most uncooperative, uncustomer service friendly company ever. Sad.
RT @ChipConley: Meet the Godfather of Festivals, Chip Conley....thanks to EventBrite for giving #Fest300 this coverage…
@BrianScudamore @GordieBufton Gordie Brian has done an amazing job of making theirs come true too. See you at golf on Friday.
RT @scottoldford: A great article from @CameronHerold on the best ways to make or save money. #business #finance
If you haven't seen me speak in a while, all 4 of my core speaking events are available to watch or download here -
RT @JohnCorcoran: I just finished Abundance by @PeterDiamandis. Must reading for any entrepreneur.
8 Entrepreneurs Share Their Morning Workout Routine |
RT @JeffBoss9: How to stop the biggest productivity thief in the office (Your bored brain)
The Biggest Productivity Thief in the Office? Your Bored Brain | (100% True)
College doesn't prepare students for full-time jobs—internships do - Fortune
Give your people a reason to come to work, not just a job.
The only thing in common between you and all your failed relationships, is you.
LIVE on #Periscope: Inside MITs Endicott House... Where EO holds their Entrepreneurial Master Program each year...
LIVE on #Periscope: MITs Endicott House. Site of the EO Entrepreneurial Masters Program.
LIVE on #Periscope: I am at Endicott House. About to present to 65 CEOs at the EO Entrepreneurial Masters Program.
Please stop using the terms “jump the shark” and “unicorn” in biz.
RT @Marc_Leibowitz: SHOW THIS TO YOUR CHILDREN!!! Let's Raise Our Kids To Be Entrepreneurs @TEDTalks talk with @CameronHerold http://t.…
On my way to Endicott House. I think this will be my 15th time on site speaking there for EO. Love the energy there.
@Uber_VAN signed ages ago. Deirdre is my cousin.

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