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@richardbranson This is me --- Love it you'd share this TED Talk #likeadyslexic
Agreed. Blows BOSE away
RT @SEO_Exposed: Great Article from business thought leader @CameronHerold #greatcommunication
Major oil spill could cost Vancouver economy $1.2 billion: city report via @VancouverSun (How much did study waste)
...and on the flip side, GenY is an expensive PITA to employ due to their higher turnover and training costs...
RT @vistage: What levers are you using to handcuff your best employees to your company? @CameronHerold #VistageExecSummit #2020Vision
RT @KJ_Peak: Cameron is bang on here.
RT @janfog: War Room #strategy meetings to prepare for the future. #VistageExecSummit #2020Vision @CameronHerold
In the next 5 yrs. Baby Boomers & Gen X who don’t get up to speed with technology will be put out of work by Gen Y (Or will report to them.)
@globeandmail @JenniferMeacher love that Harley and Maple Syrop Mafia are getting noticed more each day in the USA
RT @globeandmail: Shopify raises $131-million pricing IPO above increased range
God gave us two ears and one mouth. CEOs need to use their ears twice as often as they talk.
@BillyWomack thx tons
RT @BillyWomack: @CameronHerold Just saw your video on #Ted and I loved it! Great job!
@RobertSGraham I'm speaking at an CEO event in PHX next week. Will you be at it?
RT @HalElrod: If you want to upgrade your circle of influence, it begins with upgrading yourself.
I agree with 50%
I'm a capitalist. But these are out of control.
Re Meetings: What bugs you about meetings? What works? What doesn't work? WhT would you like to learn so you can run meetings better ?
Clearly I need to review my speaking fees

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