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RT @businessinsider: Apple could sell 1 million watches opening weekend, and barely move the needle on Apple's revenue…
RT @shanegibson: Q: How do you close a 12k deal at 5:05pm at the end of the month? A: "Stay on the phone!" - @gregkettner #sales #bdlife
“@rjgcoach: @CameronHerold What a great call today. Knowledge was being shared by Cameron! #mentorshipmatters” glad you liked it
Ask Me Anything - Free 90 Min Q&A Call with Me Today - Starts at 5pm EST - sign up here -
One of my top talks from TED this year. “Everyone has a story the world needs to hear.”
What's Wrong With Mission & Vision Statements & How to Hack PR w @mvolpe on @hubspot's #growthshow podcast
Great to see awesome companies using Vivid Visions internally for business areas too -
High Growth Insiders Mastermind for CEOs...
. @TEDTalks: Fun ways to teach your kids the value of a dollar:” Love to see this talk back on the TED home page.
@blakleycon email me
. “@TEDTalks: Fun ways to teach your kids the value of a dollar:” WOW. thanks for sharing.
@blakleycon Skype to start. How far is Chicago for you for an event I'm speaking at.
Here is a great video to watch from this year's TED - the TED Prize Winner for 2015 -
“@businessinsider: 47% of American households save nothing” HUGE HUGE Ostrich Crisis coming.
What are the Top 3 places to sell business videos online? Where would you go to learn online?
“@JaysonGaignard: I know my relationship is going well when Kandis makes me food :)” awesome
“@danmartell: Are you an entrepreneur and father of two?” 2+2
@ramit that's awesome. Been to India 4 times. But that pistachio post is perfect ;)
@SamuelHubbardCo nice. :) drop me an email. I'll send you something that'll help.
RT @SamuelHubbardCo: @CameronHerold thank you we're glad you like them! We are painting our picture in colored leathers : )

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