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Harvard Business Review article. How to Really Listen to Employees. I’m Case Study #2.
@MichelFalcon SO True. Sadly SO tired of govt. Waiting for GenY Govt 2.0. It SO needs to change.
RT @MichelFalcon: @CameronHerold working with incompetence takes years off my life. Can't do it
RT @HarvardBiz: The truth hurts: Google Glass failed because it just wasn’t cool
Great article for all leaders. “@HarvardBiz: Straightforward advice on how to really listen to your employees”
@MichelFalcon YOU should help them.
RT @MichelFalcon: Hey @CameronHerold 3/5 orgs in BC that consumers had 'negative' experiences w/ are run by gov't
Hey @jeff_haden can you drop me an email please. May have some work/intros for you. Hope you're well.
RT @mashable: “It's not a sexual thing. It couldn't be farther from an erotic thing.” #longre…
. @businessinsider me joining a fraternity was huge skill growth for me too. One of my first President titles also.
RT @businessinsider: I still think joining a fraternity was one of the best decisions I've ever made…
RT @businessinsider: Markets are sliding in Asia
RT @businessinsider: Apple reported a record quarter — here's why all analysts could ask about was the US dollar ht…
RT @sama: i've ridden in uber and i own some uber shares through a fund--by this logic, we should count uber as a YC company!:…
RT @thefoodbabe: Did you know that conventional potatoes can have up to 35 different synthetic (mostly toxic) pesticides on them?... http:/…
RT @Joint_Norterra: How To Take A Proper Nap
RT @bizinvancouver: Canadian dollar’s dive a boon for B.C. tech sector
6 Key Words That Help You Communicate Better -
It’s Jan 26th. 7.1% of the year is done. Are you 7% of the way to your recent goals ?

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