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Is your cubicle or workspace dismal? Get some new ideas at Cubicle Makeover
My servant button doesn't seem to be working.
@nilscrasher Man. Sorry for the Delay. Try Robert Ardrey's Social Contract It's good stuff. I'm continually reading.
Append: Are you a technophile? Find out in Neil Postman's Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology.
#HootSuite 2.0 moved into free public beta today! I upgraded at
@stuarta Insertion is the new injection.
SELECT name FROM bachelors WHERE DATEDIFF(dd, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, weddingdate) < 2 AND NervousLevel > 8; Result: Aaron. Good luck, Aaron!
MCTS 70-433 SQL Server Exam training kit page 68 suggested practices: write a bunch of queries. Gee. Thanks.
@joewebb Great! Me and a co-worker are going. We're staying at the Hampton Inn. Looking forward to the training.
Going to Andy Warren's SQL Server performance tuning class Aug. 10-13 in Orlando. Any one else going?
@shortyawards I recommend @AppendNow in the Shorty Award category #education because: daily tweet of what's missing in your life right now.
I told my two-year-old I saw a bunny rabbit in the yard. She asked if I thought we'd find a pig some time.
Append: What do you do when your computer control panel explodes!?
@Phil_Factor @fatherjack @Sysfrank Bulk Insert with Butterfly Wings, like a rollup set, hotel changetable function, be-bop-a-lock hint.
@emilygrigg @ZooBorns What a great web site concept! Cute pictures of baby animals.
@Phil_Factor "De-dupe me baby one more time!"
Just got my training kit for MCTS 70-433 SQL Server 2008 Database Development. Time to dig in.
Outlook's limited support for HTML emails has provoked an uprising--I think with good reason. @msofficeus.
Got the Star Trek Collection in Blu-ray and watched first movie last night. Am I one of the first carbon-based units to do so?
I'm working on a tricky problem in T-SQL where I've yet to find a set-based solution. Maybe I'll resort to recursion after three more days.

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