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I AM PROUD TO BE #AtTheTopOfThePresidentsEnemyList http://t.co/xziG46Rt7c h/t @PC_GoneWild http://t.co/l6IzmoILL3 #tcot #teaparty
@mystery_sloth ATTENTION! You have been blocked by @CSteven's McAfee FLIQ - Frighteningly Low I.Q - virus protection software. Badbye.
@mystery_sloth There were MANY who did so. Just because one happened to be a Sociopath does not mean they all were. Now go away dummy.
@mystery_sloth You Lefists are truly sick individuals. Hitler was Catholic. Does that make ALL Germans evil? Seriously, you are a true idiot
@mystery_sloth Your tiny mind equates a sociopath with Bundy because he shared small government views. That does NOT equate him with Bundy.
@mystery_sloth WHAT LV murders?
@mystery_sloth One has NOTHING to do with the other. Moreover, where are the cops killed in Las Vegas? Show me the evidence.
@mystery_sloth They NY murders were the beginning of the ramifications of the race baiting hate Sharpton and DeCommieO have been spewing.
@rightnowio_feed What in the HELL does one have to do with the other? Try to explain to me how your tiny mind works. @mystery_sloth
Heart breaking result of Obama, Holder, DeCommio & .@TheRevAl's race-baiting cop slandering #tcot #NYPDLivesMatter http://t.co/i61ogVDukw
Look on your face when you see #PlannedParenthood .@PPact tweet #BlackLivesMatter #tcot #teaparty #NYPDLivesMatter http://t.co/3hrPx2UrYA
RT @charliekirk11: Look,a picture of the harbor at Havana.What's missing? BOATS! They are banned in Cuba due to fear citizens would flee ht…
@beachbug1 lol exactly > @msnbc < "Where Stupid Lives".
@AllieinMO The very same to you. I thank God every day for patriots like > @marklevinshow
@KentuckySuzanne It is and I am STILL laughing! @ElishaNEWS
WATCH - Liberalism IS a MENTAL DISORDER. https://t.co/P8ebh9MfUg #tcot #teaparty
If you don't believe Liberalism IS a mental illness. Watch 2 & 1/2 minutes of .@msnbc - "Where Stupid Lives" https://t.co/HjugUdNZch #tcot
Blood of officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos is on these 2 dirtbag's hands. h/t @BigFurHat #tcot #NYPDLivesMatter http://t.co/S0XxIG8f05
Another police officer slain this morning in Florida. Please pray for his family. http://t.co/IIHTddIL3q #tcot #teaparty
> .@BenShapiro on why .@BarackObama won reelection and how to deal with Liberals. https://t.co/7Ap9T0Ulam #tcot #teaparty

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