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That moment when you know you'll no longer be the favorite child. Eli Manning's response to his brother's win https://t.co/svVa7YXvyY #tcot
Cast of .@TheWalkingDead will appear on Inside the Actors Studio on .@Bravotv this Thursday night. #tcot #teaparty https://t.co/JFXXY0BRiM
RT @KLSouth: Phyllis Schlafly Charges Marco #Rubio with Lying, Deception to Hide Amnesty Plans https://t.co/oDkdIc7nTP https://t.co/1zYICmU…
@RinoRooter Kung Fu Juan Kasich. @YugeMilo
The funniest stand up routine I've seen in years. Absolutely hilarious. https://t.co/SyVr00h684 #tcot #teaparty h/t @IOTWReport .@KLSouth
@RinoRooter #MarcoDropsOut @LeahRBoss @marcorubio @YugeMilo
Anthony Hopkins was a musician? Watch as he hears his waltz written 50 years ago performed for the first time https://t.co/LkSfCUtaS4 #tcot
THANK YOU @GovChristie for exposing pro amnesty GOPe .@MarcoRubio for the shallow robotic answer machine he IS https://t.co/aOPqJAuxDK #tcot
Since Drudge does not have his usual "who won the debate" poll. Vote in this Time magazine poll. https://t.co/XTAuFaHrNm #tcot #teaparty
"We have people cutting off heads off Christians! I'd bring back waterboarding and a helluva lot worse!" - .@realDonaldTrump LOVE it. #tcot
Cruz, Trump & Carson have the same health care plans. Sell across state lines, HSAs & safety net for indigent. NONE want Single Payer. #tcot
Pro Amnesty .@MarcoRubio keeps repeating the plot of .@DineshDSouza's movie "2016 Obama's America." He's like a RINO chatty Cathy doll #tcot
Neither Tapper nor Bash ever said "Dr. Carson is suspending his campaign and has a big announcement to make next week". That is TRUTH. #tcot
What kind of an introduction was THAT? Plus they almost forgot to annouce Kung Fu Johnny. Not that I blame them. #ABCDebate #tcot #teaparty
@apprazer54 I was trying to forget her. Ugh.. @lee_saywhat
Ugh. Jorge Snuffleluffagus, Billy Kristol and Donny Brazilian? What a conga line of FREAKS. Shut UP and start the #ABCDebate #tcot #teaparty
@Gregory__Adams Understood. That said, ALL of our candidates are FAR better than Evil and Stupid. That is an undeniable and irrefutable FACT
> .@michellemalkin proposes REAL questions that SHOULD be asked to each #GOP candidate tonight. https://t.co/l8thEYHZ3E #tcot #teaparty
@Gregory__Adams Don't worry about my 'game'. Just make sure you vote for WHOMEVER our nominee is. Too many Cruzers have committed NOT to.
@Gregory__Adams No, if you don't support Ted OR Trump or ANY of our other candidates over Evil or Stupid you are a Communist enabler. Period

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