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RT @WsTrumpet354: @CSteven @CStevenTucker US Forest Service publishes 600+ work posting on how to roast a marshmallow safely. #yourtaxdolla…
Going live now on @ReaganMom Show on WLS-AM 890 to discuss three juvenile delinquents who vandalized my truck http://t.co/jDIF6skBwZ #tcot
'What if #ISIS & other enemies find out after testing Obama that there is no man there at all?'- @BillWhittle https://t.co/6jsufKPw21 #tcot
RT @Normanbobo: Conservative Presidential Pre-Primary!! http://t.co/UMFIHD3BqW #ReclaimOurGov! @CSteven @dennygirltwo http://t.co/eO3X7s…
After joking about 911 Anjem Choudary says: "There is nothing called a radical or moderate form of Islam" https://t.co/1Ok2T0vVTb #tcot
Hey .@BaracObama WATCH how a REAL U.S. President responds to CLEAR and PRESENT danger. https://t.co/ZyrLLtw6rF #tcot #teaparty #ISIS
The great detectives .@RosellePolice dept caught three juvenile delinquents who vandalized my truck. #tcot #teaparty http://t.co/rwmNTfKrpI
FUNNIEST tweet of the CENTURY. h/t .@ProudGrayback #tcot #teaparty http://t.co/aXGjTZIBrE
Hey .@BarackObama since you 'don't have a strategy for #ISIS" Here's one for you. http://t.co/0y8bG8mTSl #tcot #teaparty h/t @HoteySancho
@KstreetLegalJoe Too bad you don't have video of that. That would be great to see.
"Bomb #ISIS back to the stone age." - .@SenTedCruz http://t.co/0bam1MBeJq #tcot #teaparty
The case for #Israel - .@BillWhittle Absolutely fantastic. https://t.co/nBu7XXT9AL #tcot #teaparty #StandWithIsrael
RT @GirlWashdc: @CSteven @IllinoisTea Anti-amnesty protests to take place across country at state capitals & White House on Sept 6 & 7 #noa…
@KstreetLegalJoe So many losers, so little time.... and they're all Obama voters.
Why a frontal lobotomy and a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives is not a good mix. https://t.co/TP146afPis #tcot #teaparty
> .@Team_Mitch McConnell's campaign manager resigns in fallout from Iowa bribery case. http://t.co/0NWAEI33La #tcot #teaparty @KLSouth
Mmmmmm GOOD @PilotPetes with @KLSouth & @WeThePeopleUSA #tcot #teaparty
New additions: DUMP little Dick DURBIN & vote for @JimOberweis & vote for .@Schimpf_4_IL_AG #tcot #ILGOP @IllinoisTea http://t.co/mOturYkA3s
USS Freedom & USS Independence. Two U.S. Navy ships that put the fear of God in our enemies black hearts https://t.co/p3NF9viBip #tcot
@jimmyhuss3 Just like Obama's. @TheWarEvent

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