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@ShaunfromEP Just simple logic. Again, the choice is binary. Opting out is not a real option. It helps the enemy. It's as simple as that.
@ShaunfromEP If Trump 'centralizes everything' you'll end up making the right choice. Since I don't have Ms. Cleo's 'gift' I'm voting Trump.
@ShaunfromEP That is your choice as a semi-free citizen of the U.S.A. My choice is to support Trump so you can continue to have choices.
@ShaunfromEP He does indeed and no I don't mean like Roberts etc. I mean THESE justices already NAMED by Trump > https://t.co/vSE3WKybYR
@ShaunfromEP And laws are at the crux of this binary decision. Trump SCOTUS appointments are crucial. @MorningAnswer @DanProft @IllinoisTea
@ShaunfromEP This is a binary choice my friend. It's Trump v Clinton. If Clinton gets in, it's over. @MorningAnswer @DanProft @IllinoisTea
@ShaunfromEP Jack Roeser (R.I.P.) was a friend of mine. Believe me, I know what Fabian Socialism is. @MorningAnswer @DanProft @IllinoisTea
@ShaunfromEP I discount your points but not you because I like you, you knucklehead. @MorningAnswer @DanProft @AmyJacobson @IllinoisTea
@ShaunfromEP It's Capitalism Trump vs. Socialism Clinton. It's as simple as that Shaun. @MorningAnswer @DanProft @AmyJacobson @IllinoisTea
@ShaunfromEP Yes, it's more than evident now that you're with @HillaryClinton @MorningAnswer @DanProft @AmyJacobson @IllinoisTea
Best part of my day USED to be .@ShaunfromEP calling .@MorningAnswer Now? It's the worst. #ILGop .@DanProft & @AmyJacobson .@IllinoisTea
RT @Mr_Pinko: @mitchellvii @CStevenTucker @ChicagoTeaParty @CSteven @JaredWyand @Cernovich @AnnCoulter https://t.co/FovZ0xpry9 https://t.c…
A question for crooked .@HillaryClinton #tcot #trump 2016 h/t .@Mr_Pinko #TrumpTrain #teaparty .@KLSouth #GOP https://t.co/s7GlYCnLjG
After watching Trump's unfettered presser today I am referring to him as "The Boss" from this day forward. #tcot #Trump2016 #trumptrain #GOP
You'll NEVER see Hilary hold a presser like this taking UNPREPARED questions from the media. https://t.co/ivamLYec8A #tcot #trump2016 #GOP
Clinton appointed judge RELEASES Reagan's would be assassin John Hinkley Jr. https://t.co/nPXtpcroiD #tcot #Trumptrain #Trump2016 #Teaparty
ALL charges DROPPED against ALL remaining officers in the Freddie Gray case. https://t.co/ZSo93TCkXy #tcot #Trumptrain .@KLSouth #Trump2016
Donald Trump Jr. responds to the detestable Anthony's Weiner just like his dad would. I LOVE it. #tcot #Trump2016 https://t.co/LAi9Ybl3CV
These kinds of mentaly ill people should be medicated, not inaugurated. https://t.co/fY0HWl8On6 #tcot #trumptrain #Trump2016 .@Mr_Pinko
@BobM200408 #AllLiesMatter @HillaryClinton @NRA

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