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UPS employee goes 'postal' kills 3 including himself. http://t.co/hnpH8llRXF #tcot #teaparty
@d33pfish Shut up Michael Methhead. Don't burp up your stupid on my timeline again. @DineshDSouza
GREAT news for patriot .@DineshDSouza. He receives probation with NO jail time. http://t.co/dVMurWPdy2 #tcot #teaparty
Replay of my segment on #Obamacare on the .@ReaganMom show on .@wlsam890 http://t.co/eUNnxjiu8u #tcot #ILGop .@IllinoisTea #MyHealthPlanDied
#Illinois unlicensed inexperienced #Obamacare Navigators get $25 MILLION more of YOUR cash. http://t.co/KXA5Zg398O #tcot @IllinoisTea #ILGop
@thunderclapit @joelpollak Always my pleasure!
I support .@JoelPollak's new book "Wacko Birds" - the fall & rise of the #TeaParty on .@ThunderclapIt http://t.co/IWiWaPmN4q #tcot Please RT
What do the new Green (old Red) Commies REALLY want? The answer is revealed at the 1:06 mark. https://t.co/ZgMDYrvYbf #tcot #teaparty
The bombing of #ISIS targets in Syria by U.S. and partner forces has begun. h/t @PentagonPresSec #tcot #teaparty http://t.co/5bxjjLhqEB
RT @PentagonPresSec: US military & partner nation forces have begun striking ISIL targets in Syria using mix of fighters, bombers and Tomah…
@LeeBoho1 Nope, their IQs are far too small to understand irony. @KLSouth @algore
Serial lying criminal Lois Lerner enjoying $100,000 annual tax payer funded pension. http://t.co/AY6lumqJ1E #IRS #tcot #teaparty
Serial lying hypocrite Fat Albert Gore leaves "Climate Farce" in gas guzzling V8 Suburban. @AlGore https://t.co/Vjtz7oWKZx #tcot #teaparty
Libertariasn run Obama supporter .@ChiBankruptcy against U.S. Marine > .@Schimpf_4_IL_AG http://t.co/qZgKF80dpt #tcot #ILGop .@IllinoisTea
RT @RobertDaPatriot: Dem plant & former Obama volunteer, Koyl, running as Libertarian for IL AG. http://t.co/6ZjYNqpfHf @ILGOP @WalshFree…
Fat Albert Gore's "Pin The Tail On The Jackass" game. NO "Global Warming" for 18 years > http://t.co/onIruEZtqH #tcot http://t.co/sXLpo4bWX5
@KLSouth LOL!! Sent you a DM bud. I think you're already going though. Let me know about Oct. 8th. Ignore this Hopium smoker > @EdDarrell
Throwback to an earlier interview .@MichelleFields had with Katherine Hepburn before she died. https://t.co/T8QsidJsXn #tcot #teaparty

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