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RT @ivdv: So here’s a nice wallpaper for your iPhone X, OWNING the notch.
Facebook just launched their rumored video chat app: Bonfire. 🔥
Our mission: Designing Customer Experiences. Check.
As Amazon Pushes Forward With Robots, Workers Find New Roles
Petit Pli creates advanced technical children’s clothing that grows #innovation
High fashion meets fast food: @McDonalds launches a diamante-studded burger box created by luxury fashion designer…
RT @taramann: Quick mock for a really dumb app I wish existed.... CAN I PARK HERE OR NOT?
Introducing Watch: Facebook is taking on Netflix with a new platform for shows
@Mozilla launches Firefox Send for up to 1GB file self-destruct file sharing
RT @tillski: Endlich hat ganz Deutschland Urlaub
Sign of things to come? #Dunkirk is Hollywood's first #WebVR immersive experience in your browser…
Apple launched a blog on ML and AI called Machine Learning Journal
Google Glass is back! And businesses are getting hands-on with the new Enterprise Edition
When to say "You're in such good shape" - Good move, @Reebok!
Researchers developed a method to take audioclips of someone speaking and generate a realistic lip-synced video 😲…
This is a cool tool for too many tabs: @OneTab browser extension converts them into a list for later use. #Tooloftheday
What did the pitch deck look like that help raise $10M? Have a look:
“Hope is not a strategy. Luck is not a factor. Fear is not an option.” ― James Cameron
How to improve customer experience for Airbnb hosts and guests using Apple's #ARkit
13 Tech Innovations we’ve seen in the past quarter and why

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