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I know we haven't kept this page up in a while, but I'm not going to let it be a place where people start...
We've been busy pursuing other things lately. Hope to get back to blog soon...sad face.
Shout out to a good friend and local artist @1artroscoe - if you like the art scene in Akron/CLE, follow him!
Had a delicious meal with friends and my wife at Paladar at Eaton. Amazing.
@clevelanddotcom @Home_Brew_Tips @CLEdinnerclub @GreenJames81 Thanks for the follow! New content post coming soon, I hope! #cle
@danawhite How about a gauntlet match. You take all the top 185ers and as Anderson whoops em another one comes over the cage! Chael in last
RT @JoeCreaPD: Cleveland chefs to square off in 'Top Chefs' cook-off at The Q: Restaurant Row
@chefsymon You won the wahoo challenge. But "Andrew" sucks. Bed time yall. Night. #Cleveland #happyincle
Let's cut "Andrews" hair. He sucks.
@chefsymon Don't you want to sock these dbags on iron chef in the face. "Andrew" during the wahoo episode is ridiculous. Insane mike... #cle
No one likes a critic. Food critics crack me up. Unreal....
@chefsymon watching #foodnetwork on a Saturday late night lol. You're on iron chef w/ @jonathon_sawyer main ingredient Wahoo. Good luck!
RT @chefdemetrios: DKB Cuban Today for lunch also killbuck valley farms mushroom-heirloom butter corn strudal, berkshire pork loin chop, ...
We tried out Crave in Akron - it's awesome, you should too!
Holy shit. This is amazing. Are you kidding me? Can't wait for this to hit the big screen. #cle #avengers
Gotta be honest, wish I was at #lebowskifest today! The bums won, Lebowski!
Thinking about hitting up #ohiocity for lunch tomorrow. Choices, choices.
Buy local, buy fresh. Another beef recall involving a huge processing company.
@emergingchefs Jonathan Waxman rather. But his food makes me hungry too.
@emergingchefs I've been listening to Jonathan Sawyer cook all day long. Making me #hungry! #delicious !


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